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Tomorrow: Urban Land Institute Presents ToLA2014, Active Transportation for Healthy Cities

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Highlights from last year’s conference, Transit Oriented Los Angeles. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has been a long-time supporter of the Urban Land Institute. The global non-profit group focuses its research and public relations on creating sustainable cities. It’s a home to progressive transportation and urban planners and real estate experts, groups sometimes referred to […]

Why We Should Care What Gabe Klein Says

Klein talks Capitol Bike Share in 2009 when he was still Commissioner of Washington, D.C. DOT The Urban Land Institute and Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti are bringing Gabe Klein to Los Angeles this week to discuss his experiences bringing bike share systems to Chicago and Washington, D.C. The presentation is on Friday from 1 […]

What Just May Drive High Speed Rail to Reality

About 10 years ago I attended a meeting of local activists held at the Southern California Association of Governments to hear a presentation about the proposed high speed rail network. This was back when few people were aware such an effort was underway. Attendance was heavily grassroots and environmentally oriented. Few present had knowledge of […]