Measure S Mailer Uses Beverly Hills Stock Photo

Measure S mailer. Photo: Joe Linton/Streetsblog L.A.
Measure S mailer. Photo: Joe Linton/Streetsblog L.A.

Measure S, the so-called Neighborhood Integrity Initiative (NII), is an L.A. City initiative. Ironically, Measure S proponents cannot be bothered to actually use images of L.A. to promote their initiative. A recent Yes on S mailer asserts that the measure is “the solution for L.A.’s future.” Right below that phrases is none other than a stock photo showing a Beverly Hills street. Thanks to Curbed’s Urbanism Editor Alissa Walker for tracking down the photo’s source.

Walker further points out implications of the Beverly Hills photo “Measure S means a future of cars, no sidewalks, and only single-family homes”

If passed, Measure S would enact a housing ban that would restrict housing supply — including much-needed affordable housing and permanent supportive housing for people struggling with homelessness — and drive up housing costs. Streetsblog L.A. endorses a no vote on S. For more Measure S background see earlier SBLA coverage.

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