#DamienTalks SGV 20 – The Last Word on Measure M with SoPas Mayor Diana Mahmud

I know it seems as though this election has been going on forever, but the end is in sight. A week from Tuesday, America will vote on a new president, California will vote on a new Senator and Los Angeles County will decide the fate of Measure M.

Damien Talks SGV logoBut today, #DamienTalks with South Pasadena Mayor Diana Mahmud about the proposal. South Pasadena, its newspapers and many of its loudest activists either opposed or stayed neutral on Metro sales tax proposals in 2008 and 2012. But this time, the newspapers and City Council are unanimous in their support for Measure M.

In this podcast, we basically ask Mahmud, “why?”

I’ll be honest with you, the conversation took a turn I didn’t expect. Mahmud talked openly about the privilege South Pasadena has as one of Southern California’s first cities to have a rail station. She then pivoted to the need for the city to “pay it forward” by supporting a tax to help other cities in Los Angeles County experience the benefits of having a rail station at the center of town.

Maybe I’ve been covering the ugly fight over development in Santa Monica for too long, but to hear someone argue that it was their duty to help everyone achieve the privilege that they have was refreshing.

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  • ExpoRider

    That’s great! Hopefully more people will realize that an integrated transit system benefits more than just the people with a station in their neighborhood. As the system expands, we’re connected to more and more of the region, with more opportunities to avoid traffic.

  • antiqueshopper

    For the record, the cities of South Pasadena, Pasadena, La Canada Flintridge, Los Angeles and I believe Sierra Madre passed resolutions in favor of Measure J in 2012. I wanted to make sure that information is out there that we all were in favor of J, not opposed or neutral.

  • Ray

    So Pas should institute a toll charge to drive through their city. Either take the bus or pay up like in London. Use the money to repave all the degraded streets.

  • Alexander DeLarge

    Sounds good. Then the cities along the 710 can block off their portions of the freeway and charge everyone a toll to use them. Reduced pollution along the 710? Looks like a win.

  • Ray

    Free access is what leads to overuse and eventual degradation of the road’s usefulness.