California High Speed Rail to Present L.A.-area Options

The California High Speed Rail Authority will hold a series of public meetings starting next week to discuss proposed alignments for two segments of the project: from Palmdale to Burbank and from Burbank to downtown Los Angeles.

Proposed alignments for HSR between Palmdale and Burbank. Yellow swath is proposed tunnel area. Graphic: CAHSR Authority
Proposed alignments for HSR between Palmdale and Burbank. The yellow swath shows the area where the proposed tunnel might go. Graphic: CAHSR Authority

Three routes have been proposed for the Palmdale to Burbank section: two of them vary slightly but both would follow the Highway 14 corridor through Santa Clarita and Canyon Country into the San Fernando Valley in Sylmar. A third alignment, proposed after residents of Santa Clarita and Acton complained about the Highway 14 route, would cut via tunnel directly through the San Gabriel Mountains, connecting more directly to Burbank.

The route proposed for Burbank to Los Angeles follows the existing Metrolink rail corridor, cutting between Glendale and downtown Los Angeles.

The purpose of the meetings is to inform the public and gather feedback before detailed analysis of each proposal is completed. Future analysis will compare the costs and feasibility of the various routes.

All of the meetings will be held from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

The proposed route between Burbank and Los Angeles is less controversial. Graphic: CAHSR Authority.
The proposed route between Burbank and Los Angeles is less controversial. Graphic: CAHSR Authority.
  • Tuesday, August 5, Newhall: William S. Hart Regional Park, 24151 Newhall Ave.
  • Wednesday, August 6, Burbank: Buena Vista Branch Library, 300 N. Buena Vista St.
  • Thursday, August 7, Palmdale: Chimbole Cultural Center, 38350 Sierra Highway.
  • Monday, August 11, Acton: Acton-Agua Dulce Library, 33792 Crown Valley Road.
  • Tuesday, August 12, Sylmar: Sylmar Public Library, 14561 Polk St.
  • Thursday, August 14, Lake View Terrace: Lake View Terrace Recreation Center, 11075 Foothill Blvd.
  • Tuesday, August 19, Los Angeles: Union Station, Fred Harvey Room, 800 N. Alameda St.

Public comments will also be accepted until August 31.

Mail them to:

Mark A. McLoughlin, Director of Environmental Services ATTN: (Specify which Project Section)
California High-Speed Rail Authority Southern California Regional Office
700 N Alameda, Room 3-532 Los Angeles, CA 90012

Or send them by email (with “Palmdale to Burbank” or “Burbank to Los Angeles” in subject line) to:

Palmdale to Burbank:
Burbank to Los Angeles:

  • Tom Williams

    I attended three of the “Scoping Sessions” and since all of the staff must be assumed to be well trained and experience – all three presentations appear to be CHSRAuthority’s way of controlling any public participation and rendering “real scoping” meaningless – error of commissions…I have conducted more than 300 EIRs, EISs, MNDs, and EAs, starting in 1972-3, I was in charge of environmental services for construction management of Red Line Phase 1, and I have designed, planned, and construction of tunnels in China, Malaysia, Mid East, and US.
    Scoping is NOT for receiving complaints, questions, and “feedback” – Scoping is to help define the SCOPE of the EIR/EIS: 1) Any important natural or community resources known to the public which may be put at risk, 2) Any prospective mitigation which may lessened or eliminate any significant adverse environmental impacts on known or suspected resources, 3) Any concerns regarding cumulative or secondary/indirect impacts, and 4) Any alternatives to those proposed.

    This was not the purpose of the CHSRA’s scoping sessions. Presenters/Staff told everyone that they needed to write down all of their concerns, they took NO oral/verbal comments and did not have a court recorder available…in LakeView they told the public that staff would write down any comments, and then in LA they told people to use the one laptop to use that to submit comments.

    In Lakeview CHSRA said there would be a Scoping Report (typical of EISs, not EIRs) while no mention was made in LA. In both they had a unreadable flowchart of where we are NOW which showed that Alternatives Analysis was completed while Scoping is suppose to encourage public’s alternatives.

    CHSRA held the sessions during the month with highest vacation trips and then gave a one week extension from Aug 24 to Aug 31 (sundays) and gave no time on 31st for closing comments…a Sunday – most traveled weekend before schools start.

    All in ALL CHSRA is trying to avoid public real comments by having lots of photos, lots of head counts, and minimal participation and submissions. It is a technical and professional and public farce (fraud maybe), but gave a lot of staff higher sold-time ratios for August. What did we expect… Sierra Club will submit alot next weekend and we have asked for a week+ extension to 5pm of 090814…