Weekend Update: Lawsuit and Rally to Save Riverside-Figueroa Landbridge

Tomorrow is a crucial decision point for the Riverside-Figueroa Bridge. LandBRIDGE proponents rally at the bridge at 8am.
Tomorrow is a crucial decision point for the Riverside-Figueroa Bridge. Landbridge proponents rally at the bridge at 8am.

Last Wednesday, proponents of preserving the historic Riverside-Figueroa Bridge lost an appeal before the L.A. City Public Works Commission. EnrichLA, RAC Design Build, and others, have pressed for converting the bridge into a “Landbridge” – an elevated park, similar to New York City’s Highline, accessible to pedestrians and cyclists.

Last Thursday, the new parallel bridge opened to traffic; car traffic that is, bicyclists and pedestrians are still awaiting the opening of their facilities. Late Friday, Landbridge leaders filed a lawsuit to prevent demolition. Landbridge proponents are seeking a legal injunction against demolition. The case is scheduled to be heard at 8:30am tomorrow morning at Department 85 or 86 in Los Angeles Superior Court, 111 N. Hill Street in Downtown Los Angeles.

Just before the court hearing tomorrow, Monday June 2nd, 2014, at 8am, there’s also a rally at the bridge itself. Event details at Facebook.

At a time when the city is announcing a billion dollar investment in this stretch of the Los Angeles River, it would be unfortunate for them not to preserve existing structures that contribute the historic character of river.


10 thoughts on Weekend Update: Lawsuit and Rally to Save Riverside-Figueroa Landbridge

  1. I don’t know guys. I love historic structures and am trilled about the restoration of the river. But this just doesn’t seem like the right fight. I don’t want to hang out on a bridge between 3 freeway overpasses when I could be hiking in Griffith Park about 100 feet away.

  2. Ironically, saving the bridge and implementing the Landbridge proposal is the most likely way a pedestrian on the east bank of the river would ever be 100 feet from accessing Griffith Park.

  3. Bad news: no legal injunction – judge says “too late” – full story later today at SBLA

  4. You’re right. My bad. I should have written Elysian Park, which is what I assume the OP was referring to.

  5. Hmmm… Yes, the site has some freeway noise – it’s not Griffith Park or Elysian Park… but those hilly parks aren’t all that easily accessible on foot/bike/bus from NELA or Elysian Valley. I suggest that you go out on the bridge this week and get a sense for how the space feels. It’s surprisingly nice… and I think it makes a lot of sense as the river gets nicer. The Arroyo Seco confluence is ~200 feet from the bridge – it’s the place where L.A. began in 1768, and it’s planned for naturalization as part of the city/USACE river revitalization projects.

  6. I hung out there yesterday morning and it is actually a pretty nice place to hang out. The breeze blowing up the river and something about the way the roads are placed keeps the bridge quieter than you’d think.

    It is a great place to be, surprisingly, and the new bridge will only have pedestrian access on the lower portion of a ridiculously banked road.

  7. a ridiculously banked road – with four lanes of fast-moving traffic – think NOISY, unsafe, unfortunate… maybe even evil.

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