CicLAvia: Chinatown Route Will Be Open on Sunday

After two days of discussion, CicLAvia announced this afternoon that the spur through Chinatown will be open on Sunday, but could see hours cut short if traffic to the Dodgers playoff game proves to be overwhelming the local street grid. Flying Pigeon L.A. reported that the hub could be cut completely, but that was not the case. CicLAvia, LADOT, and LAPD met yesterday and today and came to the following decision.

To ensure the best possible day for both sets of fans, LADOT and LAPD will closely monitor the flow of vehicle traffic to Dodgers Stadium Sunday afternoon in real time. Depending upon that flow, the projected 4:00 p.m. re-opening time of Broadway in Chinatown may be adjusted to allow for vehicle traffic.

THe full statement from CicLAvia can be found after the jump.

  • Ryan J

    It’s not a clear cut two “sets of fans.” Many of us Angelenos are obviously fans of both… ¡Viva CicLAvia y viva los Doyers! And use the CicLAvia route to avoid terrible traffic to arrive at the game :)

  • Niall Huffman

    It’s the Dodgers (i.e, a cherished local institution), and traffic for playoff games, where virtually no seats are left unfilled (as opposed to regular season games where season ticket holders often fail to resell their unused seats) is exceptionally heavy to begin with. Personally, I’d rather not risk having CicLAvia take the blame for some Obama-level apocalyptic jam that keeps baseball fans from getting to the ballpark until the game’s half-over. I don’t even want to contemplate the LAT headlines and editorials if something like that were to happen. Reopening a portion of the route to motorized traffic an hour or two early seems like a reasonable move that will allow the Chinatown festivities to proceed while still providing roadway capacity to get folks into the ballpark as game time nears.

  • calwatch

    I don’t see how it would affect it, other than some traffic control necessary at Broadway/Chavez where the route crosses (and allowing more cars to go through). Traffic from Broadway generally is either directed up Academy or Solano to the Downtown and Solano gates. And the hike up to the stadium via the bridge is not so bad when there’s fewer cars.

  • John Huan Vu

    Amen. Fan of both here. Most of my fellow urban cyclist friends are big Dodgers fans as well.

  • John Huan Vu

    Absolutely. The PR is a factor, we should always mind that!