Streetsblog TV: Senator Gil Cedillo after Last Night’s CD1 Forum

Yesterday afternoon, Occidental College and the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition hosted a forum for the three candidates on the ballot vying to replace Ed Reyes in Council District 1. The debate was quite a bit more spirited than the CD 11 debate held two weeks ago, and Streetsblog L.A. caught up with the candidates afterwards. You can watch the entire forum at Streetsblog TV

Senator Cedillo was the first candidate we interviewed last night, and he was happy to discuss the “Downtown Rebound.” The Rebound was a hot topic during the forum, with his opponents portraying the changes in Downtown as benefitting developers more than the citizens of CD 1. Here, we give Cedillo to talk about the impacts that the Rebound has had on the transportation and Smart Growth climate in the Downtown.

Also during the forum, Cedillo talked about the impact of seeing some of the best practices in transportation and planning in the great cities of the world. We asked him about a trip he took to the Nethherlands, but he went on to talk about experiences in Mexico City and other world-class cities.

  • Deyanira

    Video Confirms Gil Cedillo not telling the truth about why he didn’t vote for AB 32

    Last Friday, it was revealed
    that Chevron was bankrolling an Independent Expenditure for Gil
    Cedillo’s City Council campaign. His opponent, Jose Gardea, criticized
    Cedillo’s relationship with Chevron, and specifically criticized him for
    siding with Chevron and failing to vote for the landmark AB 32, which
    regulates pollution that causes global warming.


    Last night, at a 1st Council
    District candidate forum hosted by the Los Angeles County Bicycle
    Coalition, Cedillo claimed that he did not vote for AB 32 because he was
    not in Sacramento when the vote occurred. (Here is a link to a video
    recording of the forum. Cedillo’s response begins at 1:37:51 ).


    However, a review of the
    Senate Daily Journal for August 30, 2006, reveals that Cedillo was
    present at the State Capitol in Sacramento, and that he voted on at
    least 128 measures before and after the vote on AB 32.


    Here is the link
    to the Senate Daily Journal. Be sure to click on the date 08/30/2006
    (not the extraordinary session) for the correct document. You will see
    Cedillo’s votes on several measures, and on Page 5467 you will see that
    he did not cast a vote on AB 32.


    Chevron spent $1.8 million
    that year lobbying on AB 32 and other legislation, and they contributed
    over $11,000 to Cedillo while he was in the Assembly and Senate.


    AB 32 is not the only critical health and environmental bill Cedillo took a walk on.


    Cedillo helped Chevron again by failing to vote for SB 927
    (2006), which would have regulated some of the largest sources of air
    pollution, including oil tankers berthed off the Port of Los Angeles.

    And Cedillo even refused to support legislation to monitor the
    toxins in our environment and how they contribute to cancer, asthma,
    Alzheimer’s Disease, birth defects and developmental disabilities (SB
    1379, 2006).