Cartoon Friday: All Aboard!

Advocates for High Speed Rail, especially those that read the independent California High Speed Rail Blog, have long complained that the Los Angeles Times has it in for what the paper of record constantly refers to as “the Bullet Train.” Indeed, every time I hear KFI conservative shock jocks John and Ken act shocked that a “liberal” paper such as the Times wrote a negative article about CAHSR, I chuckle. Almost all their articles about CAHSR have a negative tilt to them.

And now, the “tsk tsk” ing has spread to the editorial cartoon section. Ted Rall has a quick wit and is a competent enough cartoonist to deliver a punch line that brings a smile and a chuckle. Click on the image for a quick laugh, quite possibly at your own expense.

  • calwatch

    John and Ken are not conservative (they are more libertarian in bent), nor are they “shock jocks” (other than mocking the term, they don’t do Howard Stern or Bubba the Love Sponge stunts). They are less powerful in LA County than they were even five years ago, with the tax revolt, but they are still enormously influential in the inland areas and in Sacramento.