Today’s Headlines

  • The LA Weekly Hit and Run Story Has Legs (KCET)
  • Court of Appeals Says Down with L.A.’s Digital Billboards (LAT, Daily News)
  • Dear John Mica, We’re Working on an LAX Connection. Nobody Cares What You Think. (KPCC)
  • Mike Antonovich Thinks 66.1% of the Vote for Measure J Means That Nobody Liked It (BH Courier)
  • LB Post: 2012 Person of the Year Is the Long Beach Cyclist
  • Ridership on Metro Is Going Way Up (The Source)
  • Careful Pasadena, John Fasana and Barbara Messina Are Going to Say Bad Things About You (LAT)
  • Metro Offers Free Rides on Christmas Eve, New Years Eve (The Source, Patch)
  • Santa Monica Considers Slowing Development (Daily Press)
  • This List Is Wrong, Dodger Stadium Is the Worst (Triple Pundit)
  • Here Are the Extended Hours for the ARTCRANK Poster Show/Silent Auction (LITE)

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Congratulations to Kris Fortin for Being Named “Vice-President, Online” for the L.A. Chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. Read more at Editor and Publisher.

  • Anonymous

    In a totally unrelated story, a bunch of environmental activists in Santa Monica are decrying sprawl development in the High Desert and the IE ;)

    Also note that the SM article confirms my previous supposition that we won’t get denser redevelopment on a meaningful scale under the present zoning/permitting scheme.

  • RE:  Meassure J’s Failure to pass

    Antonovich has a point.  Metro’s myopic approach to transit shouldn’t be funded way into the future.  

  • Jerard

    66.1% voter support usually means a landslide. If this was under 50 or even as high as 60% I’d give Antonovich this point.

  • I would have thought myopic (as in my district is all that matters) is the perfect description of Antonovich’s incoherent ramblings.

  •  You don’t need to concede his point, well because no matter how close it was, it didn’t pass.  So his point is correct.

  • Jerard

    I actually wasn’t conceding his point, I was translating the results into applicable language to a strong statistic to use that;
    “66.1% of LA County Voters wanted to invest in projects being accelerated, air being cleaner and jobs being produced”   

    That is a strong meaning in that message. Which also means the 5th County Supervisor really has no leverage when it comes to the public will in what it wants when pushing this forward through other methods.