Today’s Headlines

  • If Measure J Was Plan B, Villaraigosa Has a Plan C and Plan D (LAT)
  • The Big Local Winner from the Election? Grand Park (DTLA Rising, Streetsblog LITE, LAT, Curbed)
  • No on J Takes Credit for Ballot Measure’s Defeat (BH Courier)
  • Nah, Biggest Factor Was the Lower Turnout (The Source)
  • Metro CEO Leahy Hints We Might See Measure J Again (The Source)
  • Clock Is Ticking on L.A.’s Mayoral Race (LAT)
  • Dems. Dominate State Races (LAT)
  • Huizar Plan Would “Activate” 7th Street Bridge Atrium as Public Space (Downtown News)
  • Greyhound Bus Offers Service from L.A. to L.V. (LAT)
  • British Cyclist Throws British Kitten in British River (This Is Lincolnshire via Biking In L.A.)
  • Out of State Planning Blog Calls for Villaraigosa to Run USDOT (Keep Houston, Houston)

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  •  RE: Greyhound

    Probably launched to preemptively fight Megabus, which is coming back soon. I would wager theyd also serve the LA-LV market.

  • calwatch

    The Measure J ad aired – – and also on radio was horrible. It basically recited the laundry list of stuff that Measure R would bring, by claiming to fix bridges, potholes, and keep fares low for seniors – which it would do, from 2039 to 2069. It didn’t say what it would do, which is bring the Westside Subway and the Sepulveda Pass project over a decade sooner to completion. (To the people who want the next transportation tax measure to be all transit – note all the NON-TRANSIT things mentioned in this ad.)