Today’s Headlines

Measure J Needed 2/3 of the vote to win. It didn't get it. Analysis to come. Photo:## of Los Angeles Registrar-Recorder##
  • Obama Cruises in California, Electoral College (LAT, Daily News)
  • Feinstein Cruises Against Little Known Opponent  (LAT, Merc)
  • State Approves More Funding for Schools (LAT,SGV Tribune)
  • Lowenthal Leaves State Senate for Congressional Seat (Post)
  • The Los Angeles Times Needs to Work on Its Headlines Writing (LAT)
  • Shocker: Exercise Leads to Increased Life Expectancy (LAT)
  • It’s Not Easy Turning Highland Park’s York Boulevard Green (Curbed)
  • Anaheim Moving Forward with Streetcars (LAT)
  • San Gabriel Valley Cities Slow Down Attempt To Form New Alameda Corridor-East Authority (Star-News)
  • Culver City’s Expo Parking Lot Getting Facelift (Curbed)

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  • Bummed J didn’t pass.  I expect Metro is going to raise fares because of this.

  • MitWit

    Let’s punish the BRU and raise fares, ARRRGH!!! 

  • Erik Griswold

    One good outcome of this vote is that it means that the independent construction authorities, which have not necessarily been more-efficient or less-expensive than Metro itself, will likely be allowed to fade into history.

  • calwatch

    I like Richard Katz as a person, but his comment that MTA would never have to raise fares if Measure J was passed was just bizarre and had the appearance of pandering for votes. MTA has to raise fares and move to a more rational fare structure that includes time based fares and distance based fares on rail (creating a “short trip” fare while making the default fare a $2.50 two hour pass, for instance). Keep the monthly pass at a similar price and increase the base fare to encourage riders to use the monthly pass, or better use an accumulator on the smart card.

    Of course this is somewhat hypocritical since I’m bashing the distance based fare people on bus on The Source, but rail has turnstiles, you might as well take advantage of them.