Today’s Headlines

While the freeways yesterday were like a cup of a InstaCrash (just add water!), the skies are expected to be clear today, thereby making the minds of commuters magically clearer as well while they drive.

  • Inglewood cyclist fatally crashes with sheriff’s car (L.A. Times)
  • Honestly: the coolest use of old bike parts you’ll ever see (Daily Mail U.K.)
  • Metro releases conceptual artwork for Purple Line extension (The Source)
  • West Hollywood to show off ped-friendly streetscape Avenues District plan (The City of West Hollywood)
  • The absurd logistics of moving the Endeavour (L.A. Times)
  • Engineering the pavement for the movement of the Endeavour (SGV Tribune)
  • Storm interrupts the Blue Line in Long Beach (Long Beach Post)
  • Smithsonian map shows precise sources of L.A. greenhouse emissions (Curbed)
  • Metro ExpressLane van making pitstops throughout neighborhoods (The Source)
  • Retro Row in Long Beach ups its bike-friendly signage (Bike Long Beach)

More headlines at Streetsblog San Francisco.

  • Station44025

    I’ve just returned to CA after a 20 year hiatus, and was reminded yesterday that every time it rains all hell breaks loose.  The problem seems to be that no one can remember from the last time that when it rains after a dry spell there is a lot of built up oil and rubber on the road which makes it very slippery, and a good time not to drive like a bank robber.  It’s lind of like watching birds slam into a glass window over and over again.