Today’s Headlines

  • Slate Notices That Things Are Getting Better in L.A.
  • Our Police Chief Does Motorcross (Daily News)
  • It’s Not Just Streetsblog That Sees Trouble in Town/Gown Relations Near USC (LAT)
  • Congratulations Santa Marino, One of the Few to Support the Big Dig (Pasadena Star)
  • Gold Line Basket Bridge Almost Finished (Curbed)
  • Alpern: Yes on Measure J (City Watch)
  • Freeway Lanes and Ramps Close in Valley for Carpool Lanes Project (Daily News)
  • Santa Monica BBB Ban on Non-Profit Advertising Drawing Ire from All Corners (Mirror, Surf)
  • You Know It’s Bad When Lindsey Lohan Is Making Fun of Your Driving (LAT)
  • Alarcon Aide Pleads Not Guilty in Manslaughter Charges for Crash in City Vehicle (Daily News)
  • People Find the TAP Cards So Confusing The Source Has To Write Articles on How to Do Basic Things

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  • Nick

    The ‘real’ threat are people who feel entitled to a $5 movie and a cheap breakfast at Denys. USC has contributed in turning what otherwise would be a ghetto; to a thriving urban neighborhood. 

  • Anonymous

    TAP is an utter abomination. I was able to figure out the T-Money card in Seoul last week on a machine that ONLY HAD KOREAN and it was easier than effing tap. “Oh? The picture of a card and a 10,000 probably means I get a card with 10,000 Won on it.. Yup that’s exactly what I got.”

    Tap is a disaster if you don’t need a pass and just want to load cash instead. Want to load cash on your card from home or work so you don’t wait in line? EFF YOU TRANSIT RIDER! GO WAIT IN LINE! Only passes are sold on the taptogo site! Nevermind the awesomeness of Oyster card where it automatically makes your ride the cheapest possible (Oh you rode the tube 12 times today? We’ll just charge you for a day pass instead of all those single rides).

    It’s amazing Metro managed to make keeping rolls of change lying around more convenient than their card system.

    Clipper, Oyster, T-Money… TAP is an utter embarrassment compared to all of them.

  • Anonymous

    And for the record, I do not speak Korean.

  • Actually, you can load cash onto your TAP card via taptogo… it’s just really hard to find because taptogo is a horrible website.

  • Anonymous

     Thanks Niall – I also don’t seem to have a way to connect the two cards I own to my account at taptogo; if you could share where I add value I’d be most appreciative!

  • To add a card to your account, first sign in, and then go to “Protect your balance” or “Balance Protection.” Once you’ve done that, go to “What is TAP?” in the top menu bar and click “Manage your TAP account” to add cash value or passes to your card.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! Seriously that is extremely helpful. I’ve wanted to do that for months.