Clitoral Mass Rises

Clitoral Mass last night brought out more than 200 women for a 32-mile ride throughout Los Angeles. The ride brought out women from out of state, the Eastside, from different parts of the city – I heard some from came from Gardena and the westside – and even to the surprise of seasoned riders a host of fresh new faces.

We’ll be making a video and posting photos at the beginning of the week as soon as we go through all the content we accumulated from the event. But for now, here are South LA Streetsblogger Sahra Sulaiman’s photos from the beginning of the ride.

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10 thoughts on Clitoral Mass Rises

  1. Huge typo here: it’s wombyn, not women.

    I am so glad that being male is pathologized and expunged. Clearly, the world would be better without males around to muck things up. Good thing sexist rides like this now exist. I would hate my future rapist, woops I meant “son”, will have a clear idea of how he is an abuser and woman hater (no worse crimes exist) thanks to the advocacy of these fresh self-pimping women of the 21st century.

  2.  The last few critical masses I’ve ridden on have had multiple episodes where male cyclists have harassed females watching the ride.  Someone asked us why we were riding.  A young male yelled “Pussy!”  When I apologized to the woman and then confronted the man by asking why he would say that, he and another rider threatened to beat me up.  At another ride my girlfriend overheard a male yell at a watcher, “Show us your tits!”  When she asked why he said that, he responded by saying that it was a fact and getting mad at her.  There are multiple other examples on critical mass of young males yelling hurtful and aggressive phrases at women and other people watching us ride by.  I understand why some women wouldn’t want to be a part of that.

  3. @64d9f199b380b6fdb6a60c1360a499b0:disqus  sounds like a real man-gina. Way to take a stand. Did it help you feel like a noble and honest white knight to protect those poor widdle girls?

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