Metro Bus 51 Collides with Blue Line, Sends 32 People to Hospital

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, 32 people went to the hospital this morning after Metro bus 51 collided with the Blue Line. Of the approximately 650 people on both the bus and train when the incident occurred, most of those sustaining injuries had been on the bus. And, most of those injuries were minor.

The collision occurred around 7 a.m. this morning at the intersection of Washington Blvd. and San Pedro St. Metro Communications Manager Rick Jager told Blog Downtown that the train clipped the back end of the bus, sending the bus into a light pole.

Continues Blog Downtown:

Monday’s collision is only the most recent for the Blue Line train, which has had more than 20 accidents so far this year — six of which involved fatalities. Three of these deaths have been confirmed as suicides and one other is currently being investigated as such, Jager told OnCentral last month.

The Source noted that the bus and one rail car sustained significant damage, and that the cause of the accident is still under investigation.

Bus shuttles were put in place until the Blue Line was able to resume service around 9 a.m.



  • Erik Griswold

    KTLA reported it was a “Metrolink Bus” and a “Metrolink Train”

  •  Really unfortunate how often local media seems to be completely uninformed on basic transit terminology.

  • Erik Griswold

    I have long advocated that SCRRA adopt a new marketing name.  They do not operate a metropolitan railway, it is a regional one.

  • Actually, based strictly on the dictionary definition of the word “metropolitan” (“of or pertaining to a large city, its surrounding suburbs, and other neighboring communities”), a regional rail system IS a metropolitan railway. We’ve simply come to associate traditional metropolitan railways with the areas they’ve historically served, i.e., the dense cores of what have become much larger urban regions.

    All the same, I agree that Metrolink should probably drop the “metro” from its name in order to avoid confusion with traditional metros, especially seeing as that’s how a separate agency (which happens to be the biggest urban transit operator in the LA area) brands itself.

  • statsdude

    Headline and story don’t match.
    The headline states that the bus collided with the train. Yet the note that Rick Jager stated the train clipped the back end of the bus. Which statement is incorrect?


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