Bike Nation Opens Shop in Anaheim

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This Saturday, Bike Nation launched Southern California’s first bike share system in Anaheim. While no Streetsblog writer managed to attend, we’ll make it a little later this week to try out the bikes, kiosks and registration without Bike Nation staff there to help us out.  But one of our intrepid readers, Erik Griswold, did make the trip.  He reports that the opening was “sparesly attended,” at least when he was there at 11 a.m. Regardless of the size, Bike Nation is open in Anaheim.

His pictures are featured in the above slide show.

For more on the opening, check out the story on NBC 4.

  • Bikeshare Friend

    Looking at the photos, the bikes have neither front nor rear lights. Without a front light, it’s illegal to ride after dusk in California.

    It does have a red rear reflector on the fender, but I can’t tell if it has a front reflector (both required by law).

    The LED pedals that were on the demo bike are gone (likely because they were made in China). There are also no LEDs on the forks which they had said would be a feature.

    I can’t tell if the paint is actually retro-reflective or just metallic. One would have to check it with a flash camera.

    Also, is the station even still there? These are short term parking spots and the “No Parking” sign looks like it was valid only for Saturday.

    Can anyone confirm whether or not their payment system works? Or if their website account system confirms check-in/check-out of bikes and distance traveled (thus if they actually have GPS installed)?

  • Eric F. (Anaheim,Ca)

    I went to the launch, this was such a joke!  Especially after I was in Chicago on July 4th weekend and rode the bike share bikes there, those were light years ahead of these guys!  These bikes look so generic and cheep….definitely picked off the shelf in asia.  Ugh, so disappointing!

  • I still don’t follow the wisdom of opening up bike share in Anaheim,  especially with 6 of 8 stations along Katella Ave. I literally cannot think of a worse place for urban cycling. Katella has six lanes of traffic, narrow lanes, no bike lanes, no shade, and while riding on the sidewalk is legal in Anaheim, Katella has really narrow sidewalks. I’m a pretty crazy urban cyclist, and Katella freaks me out.

  • Bikeshare Friend

     I can’t find any confirmation as to whether or not the station is still there. Can anyone confirm?

  • Bikeshare Friend

     Ah… confirmation received… they don’t have a working station. The launch was just a product proof of concept. Bike Nation is still a concept. They are yet to have a product.

    I sure hope OCTA, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and all the other municipalities and organizations are watching the repeated missed deadlines, the lack of meeting product expectations, and the constant BS PR thrown at this.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, it’s starting to sound like this was a BS PR thing. 

    I wouldn’t ride a bike in Orange County anyway. My girlfriend was considering riding a bike to work and I strongly urged her not to. It was a big argument but I won and I’m glad.

  • Bikeguru

    The bike nation group is all smoke and mirrors, trying to use other companys products as their own. They clearly are using a Rugged Cycle bike, which they appear to be trying to modify as their own. Compared to Bixi Ive used, this system is beyond sub par.

  • Mister X

    Hmmm…wonder what this could mean?

  • Irvine has a good network of bike paths, but I sure wouldn’t want to ride on a street that didn’t have a separated bike path. There are streets with bike lanes, but a 45 mph speed limit (which of course means some cars going 60 mph) would not be welcoming in the slightest. 

  • They are doing nothing to inspire any confidence for their LA launch, that’s for sure. 

  • Rider

    It means some uninformed Hollywood type is trying to cash in with the PR.

    The bikes are awful.  Heavy, low-tech and the basket and skirts make them even sillier that a Segway.