L.A. Streetsblog launches Tumblr, “Streetsblog Lite”

In an effort to increase the size of its social network footprint, Los Angeles Streetsblog is launching a Tumblr site at http://lastreetsblog.tumblr.com.  The purpose of the Tumblr is two-fold, to provide a place for Streetsblog readers to experience a less formal and technical Streetsblog and to help younger people, who make up a larger and larger part of the Livable Streets Movement, experience the website.
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“Studies show that the next generation of activists, high school and college students, are increasingly getting their news through social media,” explains Damien Newton, the editor of Los Angeles Streetsblog. “Launching a Tumblrwebsite allows us to meet them where they are already active on the Internet.”

The tumblr won’t just be a place where stories that appear on Streetsblog are reposted.  Rather, it will provide graphics, contests, videos, pictures and other media to enhance the Streetsblog experience for existing readers and provide an easy, or lite, introduction to the site for new readers.  The photo contest was announced in late May, and features pictures and images submitted by Streetsblog readers.  First round voting begins today and continues all week.
“You would think that writing regularly for an Internet news source and managing the Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and YouTube accounts for L.A. Streetsblog, that creating a Tumblr would be easy.  The truth is, the media is changing so fast, I needed help,” Newton continues.
For the launch of the Tumblr, Newton was joined by two Smith College students who did the initial design and technical work and will manage the website going forward.  Veronica Hernandez, a rising senior, will serve as editor and Emily Kim will also contribute material.
“Tumblr’s being used more and more as a tool for activism and a platform for engaging with social issues. I think in branching out, Streetsblog can definitely benefit from the added community presence that comes with the Tumblr community, and I’m excited that I get to be a part of it this summer,” said Hernandez.
Hernandez joins the Streetsblog team as part of the Praxis program at Smith College.  Praxis gives Smith students access to a one-time stipend that ensures she can afford to participate in a summer internship that draws on her academic background and builds on her career goals. Praxis allows students to use their stipend for internships in fields where funding is not typically offered, such as the arts, start-up businesses and some media.
  • That’s great…but there’s no explanation about what that photo contest is, what the theme is, what criteria there are…

  • Here are the details of the contest…submissions are already accepted:


  • Anonymous


    There are plenty of ways you can submit your pictures:

    1) Link to a picture in the comments section of this post

    2) Send a picture to damien@streetsblog.org.  Eventually the tumblr will have its own address.  We’re not there yet.

    3) Tag a picture on Twitter with #lasb

    4) Post a picture to our Facebook page at http://facebook.com/lastreetsblog

    ought to appear on the tumblr page.

  • I’m a Smith alum. Praxis is an amazing program. I used my Praxis stipend to intern with the Thai CDC, which has been building capacity in East Hollywood through a myriad of social services and economic development projects for nearly 20 years. That experience helped deepen my interest in urban issues in LA. I hope the Tumblrs have a great experience being a part of the Streetsblog community and familiarizing themselves with transportation planning and politics.


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