Calculate the Value Streetsblog Has to You (And Then Donate)

(With apologies to Tanya Snyder…)

Public radio interrupts programming with its pledge drives. The Girl Scouts’ fundraising cookie sales clog your arteries and make you fat. Here at Streetsblog, we don’t do either. We just put up a post once in a while to remind you that we need your support. (This is that post.)

And lucky for you, we’ve made the process easier. Rather than determining your contribution based on how generous (or hungry) you’re feeling at the moment, we’ve figured out a rational and precise way to pick a dollar figure.

  • Start with $1 for every time you’ve wondered what’s going on in Washington D.C. and headed here to find out.
  • Add another dollar for every time that you laughed at one of the lines in “Today’s Headlines.”
  • Add $3 if you enjoy discussion of transit expansion, bicycle projects or pedestrian safety projects without focusing on how it impacts people driving their cars.
  • Subtract $10 if you’re a member of Neighbors for Smart Rail or an elected member of the Beverly Hills Unified School District
  • Add $2 for every time you’ve read a “news story” that is little more than a regurgitated press release from Metro, Caltrans or LADOT and come here to find out what the real story is.
  • Subtract $5 if you’ve ever punched a woman in the face on the bus.
  • Add $5 for every time this year you’ve read a story and thought, “wow, Damien really nailed this story,” only to check the byline and see it’s by Kris, or Sahra, or Carlos, or Mark, or Dana, or Gary, or Carter, or Stephen, or Lindsey.
  • Add another $5 if you want to donate to our “buy Damien a spell checker” fund.
  • Add the amount of your choice to support Streetsblog’s tireless coverage of transportation and land use issues and policy.

That’s it! Add it up, click here to donate that amount. Don’t forget to mark your donation to “Los Angeles” or consider joining our “subscribers” list.  Or, if you want to hand Damien a check in person, he’ll be at Atwater Village tomorrow night and at the L.A. Eco-Village on May 11.  And a few lucky contributors will win a one year subscription to YES! magazine.

And, thank you, as always, for reading and supporting Streetsblog.

  • Geraldo’s Mustache

    How much do we subtract for poor spelling and lack of editorial polish?

  • Geraldo’s Mustache

    I should have read the entire article, oops.  ok.  How much should we add for the snarky comments that add no value to the conversation?

  • Geraldo’s Mustache

    Isn’t the Steetsblog fundraiser at LA ECO village on May 11th?  See comment below.

  • That’s right, $5 for spelling.  Lack of editorial polish, that should be something more.

  • Allisonbike

    hahah pretty cute! I definitely have felt all of those things while reading SB! I’ll try to be at the May 11 event!