Department of DIY Strikes Again: “Except Bikes” Signs Appear on the Westside

Photo: Jonathan Weiss

A new series of D.I.Y. signage is popping up around the Westside.  The new “except bikes” signs remind road users that the street side parking restrictions don’t apply to sidewalk parking for cyclists.  It’s not just a thumb in the eyes to drivers, but a reminder that if you choose to leave the car at home, the Westside’s notorious “parking problems” all of a sudden don’t seem so pressing.

So far we’ve spotted signs at the North West corner Venice & Glendon, on Hughes just south of Exposition, and Palms just north of Venice.  We’re trying to see how widespread this signage program is, so if you see more “except bikes” signs, let us know in the comments section.

  • Justin Thiele

    They’re also all along Abbot Kinney Blvd between Main and Venice Blvd.

  • Anonymous


  • amanda

    They’re around Los Feliz

  • That particular sign is for street cleaning though – so I guess your bike might get splattered with gunk if you do park it there at that time.

  • Fair point, but…those trucks don’t really do anything, at least on the Westside, other than push leaves into the gutter.

  • Thatasiandude

    They’ve been in the Arts District for a couple of months.

  • Look at the litter and filth. What is this, a third world shithole country?

  • You mean you’re just now noticing this is a third-world country? Where a few rich live like kings only imagined they could a generation ago, a tiny middle-class, and most of the people are poor?

  • True Freedom

    filled with dirty little hamsters fouling the cage.

  • Alexkenefick

    I’ve seen one of those signs outside of Captain Cork–Hillhurst North of Hollywood Bl, in mid February.

  • Josephine Edo

    The entire area around Venice is a poop hole.