Our Newest Kickstarter: Help Us Document the “California Springtime Protest Pedal”

Actually, give me $7,250 and we'll keep working on the "3."

(We need to raise $7,250 in just under three weeks.  Pledge a donation here, and please help spread the word. – DN)

After the success of the Kickstarter campaign for Viva CicLAvia, we knew that we would be coming back with another campaign to do more films in 2012.  While we have a plan for another couple of Streetfilms, we have another proposal for you, our readers, to fund.  This time, we’re thinking a lot bigger.

This April, the Eric Oklerblom Foundation is sponsoring an eleven day 900 mile bicycle ride from Sacramento to San Diego to protest and draw attention to Governor Jerry Brown’s lack of support for bike safety laws.  Help us document the effort by pledging your support at Kickstarter for a film series documenting the protest ride.

You might remember the shocking decision to veto the “Give Me Three” legislation that would require a safe passing distance when cars overtake a bicycle, but the veto of legislation that would increase fines for using a cell phone without a hands-free device while driving received less attention.  In 2011, the Governor spoke with his pen.  In 2012, we have the chance to show him the error of his ways.

We at Streetsblog would like to raise awareness about the importance of bike safety laws across the nation. That’s why we’re raising money to produce a 5-part web video series about this ride.

Mischa Hedges of TrimTab Media has agreed to come on the ride and produce 5 videos about the ride. He’ll ride with the cyclists, film and and interview them along the way – creating 5 update videos that show the riders’ determination, activism, triumphs and challenges.

But this sort of coverage requires a larger budget than the one-day shoots that we’ve done for events in the past.  To cover Mischa’s costs, we need to raise $7,250 in just under three weeks.  Remember, with Kickstarter you don’t get charged unless we reach the total dollar amount, so if we don’t reach our goal you won’t be paying money into one of our other projects.  Even if you can only afford a small donation, we have a big mountain to climb, and every donation helps.  Find out more, or pledge a donation, by clicking here.