LAPD Wants Your Help Solving Hit and Run

The car in question looks like this. The license plate is 6EGY041

Streetsblog received the following email from LAPD Sgt. David Krumer:

The victim of a hit and run (car vs bicycle) on December 13, 2011 (case #110 718 955) as riding southbound on Curson crossing Pico with a fully green light. He was hit by a car traveling westbound on Pico at 40 to 50 miles an hour. He was thrown across the intersection and suffered broken bones in the hand and wrist as well as a fractured tibia and a torn PCL in the knee. The driver never braked or turned away. The injuries sustained are life changing and have confined the victim to a wheelchair for at least a few more months.

SUSPECT VEHICLE: 2007 Mercedes CL 550, 2Dr, CP
SUSPECT: Male Black, Short Black Hair, late 20’s

Anyone having information about the driver of suspect vehicle, or was a witness to the accident is asked to contact the Los Angeles Police Department West Traffic Division, Investigator Fischer at:
4849 W. Venice Blvd. LA 90019, Phone number (213) 473-0229 or
West Traffic Division Watch Commander, Phone No. (213) 473-0222

You’re probably wondering how the LAPD can have the license plate and not have the owner already in custody. Streetsblog has been assured that there are a lot of possible reasons, but that revealing which one could hamper the investigation.

  • J

    This is fantastic and this hopefully will continue. In contrast, in NYC the police botched a recent case, taking photos of the victims family but not of the crime scene itself. They also failed to collect blood from the scene and they pronounced the driver innocent almost immediately, even though he left the scene.

  • Yikes, that’s on my commute home!

  • Sgt. David Krumer

    The vehicle is dark gry in color.

  • Roadblock

    It’s a tricked out car like that??

  • Steve

    Happy to see that the LAPD is on the pursuit, but of course the question is why did the LAPD wait so long to release this alert…?

  • Apologies and respect to Sgt. Krumer but from my civilian’s perspective, indeed I am wondering how the LAPD can have so much pertaining info nailed down, but not the suspect. My only guess is that the vehicle involved had been stolen, but in my further non-investigatory ignorance I just can’t fathom how revealing that would “hamper” anything.

  • Anonymous

    I am sure the car was “stolen”.  How conveeeeennnnient!

  • Joe B

    I’m also wondering how, even though they don’t have the driver, LAPD already knows that the hit&run was an accident.


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