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Featured Headline: Long Beach has been leading the way in a lot of progressive transportation programs in the last several years, and a student journalist at Voice Waves has an idea on what the next frontier should be: alleys.  “Imagine walking down the street and just as you walk past an alley, you suddenly realize that there is a huge archway. You look in and an array of bright plants, flowers, art work, fountains and sculptures are beaming back at you. This once dark, foreboding place is now an eighth of a mile that you would gladly make a detour for.”  At the Long Beach Post, Brian Uluszewski agrees with the concept.
  • James Rojas’ Planning Models Featured in American Planning Association Mag.
  • LA Weekly Continues Casting Westside Subway as Bad Guy, BHUSD as Spunky Underdog
  • Boxer’s Bill Increases TIFIA Funding, Decreases TIFIA Criteria (HuffPo)
  • Plenty of People Still Flying (Daily News)
  • House Republicans Want Inquiry Into CA High-Speed Rail (SacBee)
  • Dahab Arraignment Today (Biking In L.A.)
  • I-10 Closed to Catch Pitbull (Daily News)
  • Repairing the I-60 Could Cost $5 Million (Daily News)
  • A Cool 3/4 of a Million to Toss Occupy LA, Cost of Cleanup/Repair Half That (CBS2)
  • Gas Prices Fall for 41st Consecutive Day in LA/OC (Daily News)


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