Today’s Headlines

Featured Headline: Metrolink’s bike cars are H-O-T!  Check them out.

  • Speaking of HOT, Work Has Begun on Spring Street Buffered Lane (Eco-Village)
  • Goodmon: “People’s Motion” Puts Crenshaw Tunnel Back on Life Support (City Watch)
  • LAT Editorial: Think Twice on Mayor’s New Pothole Plan
  • Alpern: How About a Plan First, and a Budget Second (City Watch)
  • ZipCar Opens Office in Hollywood, Promises More ZipCars Coming (Daily News)
  • Gov. Backs Bullet Train, Will Ask Legislator to Do the Same (LAT)
  • “DIY Parking Bans” in the ‘Bu Are a Little Too Convincing (LAT)
  • Crenshaw Subway Coalition Packs the House (Intersections)
  • Metro Selects Six Teams to Submit Bids for Union Station Master Plan (Blog Downtown)
  • Downtown Streetcar Presentation Online (The Source)
  • Recap of the California Bike Summit (Bike San Diego)
  • High-Speed Rail Board Says Plan Is ‘New Beginning’ (SFGate)
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  • Dan W.

    I cannot wait for the streetcar to come back.  When it does, communities all over southern california that are unlikely receive grade separated rail will be clamoring for their own.

    Here’s a link to a page on the laist website where you can see the 7 options.

    Personally, since this is functioning as a circulator, I like option 1 the best, but I think 7 will be chosen, which is still cool..

  • eco-village link not working – it’s