Your Post CicLAvia Twitter Coverage of 10/9/2011

Just a quick thought before I turn it over. It amazes me that CicLAvia is so big that I miss seeing so many of my friends and Streetsblog personalities that I know were out there. Hope everyone had a safe day on the streets!

  • Anonymous

    I think cicLAvia is by far the most amazing thing this city does or has ever done. I’ve been to every one I can’t wait until the day this becomes a weekly activity.

    If one thing was clear to me at cicLAvia III, however, it was the need to start expanding the route into something more of a grid and less of a strip. There are just so many cyclists so eager to use the streets that it completely overwhelms any other use and makes it treacherous and difficult to enjoy for other users. I watched so many people try to frogger their way through crosswalks, and that’s just not (to me) what this event is about. I think prioritizing the addition of a few parallel streets and the perpendicular streets between them could really help make it feel like less of a race.

    In every way though, this is still the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever been a part of. Keep up the good work guys!

  • I thought that the intersections with the spurs could have used some work to increase awareness about how to navigate them.  Treating them as a roundabout seemed to be the common-sense way to get through, but some people seemed kind of confused when they got into them, others weren’t really aware that they needed to check for bikes coming from their sides. 

    Still, a great day, and amazing that the weather was almost identical to last October!

  • Anonymous

    Wilshire All the Way!


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