Today’s Headlines

Featured Headline: Governor Jerry Brown vetoed A.B. 650, legislation by Valley Assemblyman Bob Blumenfield that would have created a Blue Ribbon Commission to study transit and T.O.D. opportunities around the state.  Blumenfield argued the legislation provided a chance for the state to think big on transit and the legislation was embraced by the League of Conservation voters.  Brown argued that the state has better ways to spend $750,000 then on something that Caltrans can do.  Read his veto message, here.
  • Downtown Stadium Plan Reveals Some of Their Transit/Parking Plans (LAT, Daily News)
  • More Love for Think Bike (Orange 20, LADOT Bike Blog)
  • But Not Letting the Caltrans Bike Guy Participate Is Kind of Weird, Right? (LA Weekly)
  • LA Port’s Clean Truck Program Cut Up by Judges Panel (LAT, LA Weekly)
  • LA Shortfall Now at $200 Million (Daily News)
  • Yup, Boyle Heights Is Really Getting a Green Bike Lane (LA_Now)
  • Metrolink Deals with Freight Derailment on Antelope Valley Line (Daily News)
  • More Tepid Support for the Main Street Bike Lanes/Road Diet (SM Spoke, Bikeside)
  • People Who Park on the Sidewalk Are Pissed About Getting Ticketed (LA Weekly)

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  • Don’t believe the hype

    That LA Weekly article on think bike la was a hack job. The merits of 2 people who were not selected as paticipants is a silly argument. It is akin to me showing up to a streets blog board meeting and want to participate. there is a list of dozens of people that should have participated but under the pre-programed agenda I understand why they had to limit the group.

    Also Box and Dr Thompson are making some pretty egregious claims about funding. Hinting that because Dale was not included in this will result in no funding is wrong and irresponsible. A video from the opening session in Dales own words refutes that silly argument.