Eyes on the Street: More Sharrows Coming to the Westside

Sharrows will appear on Motor Ave. right where that little arrow is...Photo: Jonathan Weiss

Earlier this week, Joe Linton noticed that marking were appearing on mid-town streets to mark the spot where Sharrows would be placed.  Linton is one of the harshest critics of the city’s attempts to jump off the Bike Plan to add Sharrows to city streets to reach the Mayor’s stated promise of 40 miles of bike projects every year for the next five.

Linton’s fellow Los Angeles Bicycle Advisory Committee Member Jonathan Weiss spotted Sharrows markings (the x and arrow designating where a Sharrow should go) along Motor Avenue on the Westside.  The quick takeaway is that LADOT is serious about getting these 20 miles of new Sharrowed streets on the ground as quickly as possible.

We should note that the same section of Motor Avenue that is going to receive the Sharrows is due to receive bike lanes in the Bike Plan that was passed in March of this year.  There is no timeline on when the Sharrows will be converted to Bike Lanes.  But in the meantime, the city that took almost eight years to implement its first Sharrows now seems to be embracing them with gusto.

  • Yah – 8 years for a pilot study… now they announce a list in late August, and they’re out tagging the street less than three weeks later… I wish that they would actually implement the approved Bike Plan this fast.

    (Actually I don’t… I wish that John Fisher’s LADOT would get serious about bike plan implementation, but actually balance speed with time to actually get input from communities. There should be a process that’s open, clear… that builds trust.)

  • LADOT is doing a lot better than in the past.  In the past, Cheviot Hills activists (primarily concerned with traffic on Motor Avenue) got “bump-outs” (see http://www.flickr.com/photos/cindylu/2653623937/) as a sort of road diet between Monte Mar Drive and Manning Avenue – despite there being a bike lane in the 1996 Bicycle Master Plan.  That part of Motor’s pretty hilly, so maybe it’s not as critical as other routes, but it was an unfortunate oversight that would not happen today with so many “eyes on the street.” 

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been seeing a lot of these place holders on parts of Fountain that don’t currently have sharrows.

  • Rick Risemberg

    The pilot study was a real study, and LADOT saw that the sharrows worked. (See http://ladotbikeblog.wordpress.com/ladot-sharrows-study-report/) I suspect that’s one reason they’re charging ahead with them.

    Saw the markers on Redondo and Arden in Mid-City too.

    I’d love to see a road diet on Fountain/Hyperion between Sunset and Rowena.

  • Anonymous

    Dear LADOT,

    Could we please have one block of Dutch bicycle facility treatment, just so we can all see what it is like in person?