Open Thread: Carmageddon Predictions

I’ve had more than enough chances to tell the world my thoughts on what’s going to happen this weekend, the highlight of which had to be when Warren Olney asked Supervisor Yaroslavsky if he thought L.A. drivers were idiots in response to a comment from me, but here’s your chance to make your predictions now.  Carmageddon comes tonight, make your predictions, serious or ridiculous in the comments section.  At 10 o’clock tonight, we’ll add a new open thread for readers to let us know how they’re apocalyptic weekend is going.

12 thoughts on Open Thread: Carmageddon Predictions

  1. It will be a repeat of the 1984 Olympics with many frightened away and the streets wide open for those who use them.

  2. There will be increased traffic on the Purple Line, Red Line, and Orange Line.  People will complain about overcrowding on Wiltshire buses.  Like always.  Some people will have the sense to avoid going between the west San Fernando Valley and the Westside.

  3. The Grapevine and I-5 will be impacted to Thanksgiving-weekend levels, and Sunday evening (not Saturday) will be the worst of it as commuters driving through the state will bottleneck that side of the city. Westsiders and Valley residents will simply stay home.

  4. I would love to see packed standing room only 6 car trains running 5 – 10 minute headways on the Red and Purple Lines this weekend. I’m looking forward to this!

  5. I am hoping that there will be widespread rediscovery of one’s own neighborhood, massive buy local action, cycling/walking/cicLAvia-ish behavior, and wide open streets if you need them. In fact, that’s what’ll happen because everyone’s been warned plenty and we’ve all been given a reason to find happy alternatives to the 405 and driving-too-much for one weekend. Hopefully, the weekend will be a revelation. I give props to all businesses, organizations, and individuals who came up with great ideas and activities to act locally. 

  6. Oh dear, will I have to go to the Target in (sniff) Culver City or Baldwin Hills instead of that nice one in Sherman Oaks?

  7. great job, Damien.  The thinking among the transportation gurus at work is that next week’s story will be that carmageddon coverage was overblown and that “public officials” overreacted (though you could just as easily say that everyone overreacted).  People will not think it’s a big deal, and not curtail travel demand sufficiently next year when the other half of the bridge is torn down.  That will be carmageddon.  

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