Photo Essay from Today’s Cycling Press Conference

Today's press conference by the unified cycling community sure did draw a lot of microphones. For more images from today, read on after the jump. We'll round up the headlines tomorrow morning. Or, you can see all our pics from today, here.

This sign rested at the top of the stairs.

Before the event, Joe Linton chatted with reporters from KTLA

I like this picture of Alex with some of our local celebrities in the backround,

The arrival of one of the victims stood out as emotional high point. Dora didn't say a word but stole the show.

I also like this picture of Jenn Klausner. I think everytime here and Thompson speak at the same event we should take pictures.

Even blurry, this pic of Ross Hirsch makes him look MAD. He's not a mad guy.

Sorry Sammy, not the youngest anymore.