Thanks to Flying Pigeon, See You in August in Santa Monica!

A quick stop on the Arroyo Seco Bike Path.

Last Friday, Los Angeles Streetsblog and the Flying Pigeon Bike Shop rocked North Figueroa and NELA with our second annual bike ride/after party.  There were a lot of people who helped make the event happen, but we have to start with a huge thanks to Josef Bray-Ali, proprietor of Flying Pigeon, for everything they’ve done for us both Friday and beyond.  There’s a reason we announced on Friday that Flying Pigeon L.A. is now the Official Bike Shop of L.A. Streetsblog.

Thanks Josef!

In total over 40 people joined us, representing groups as diverse as the Midnight Ridazz, The Transit Coalition, Bikeside, Alhambra Beyond Cars, the Latino Urban Forum and the Bike Oven.  Even more impressive than the group of people that we know and love, is that the majority of the riders were first timers at a Streetsblog fundraiser.  So nice to meet new folks!

Our ride was only about five miles, but we visited the original Bike Oven, the current Bike Oven, the Arroyo Seco Trail, the original starting point for NELA Critical Mass before returning to Flying Pigeon for the party.  A five mile loop, and as good a trip through history as you can get without a TARDIS.

Thanks to all those who donated their time or effort to making this happen.  We had a great host committee with Alice Strong, Dan Dabek and Nick Richert, the host of Bike Talk and Mark Vallianatos all chipping in.  Strong and Dabek both earn double awards for their help, although it was a team effort to raise twice as much as we did last year.  Also, a thanks to Sharon Parzanese for donating the food and beer.

And last but not least, thanks to all of you that came out.  Friday was fun, Friday raised some dough, and it was a great night for a bike ride.  See you all in Santa Monica on August 30!  Details to come…

  • Rach Stevenson

    Having a ride incorporated into the fundraiser was particularly fun.  See you in SM!