Submit Your Questions for Jaime De La Vega

Our question and answer session with LAPD Sgt. David Krumer went so well, that we decided to do it again.  This time, incoming LADOT General Manager Jaime De La Vega has agreed to answer ten questions (the same number Krumer answered) submitted by Streetsblog readers.

As with Krumer, I’d ask everyone to remain somewhat respectful in their questions.  I’m not saying don’t ask tough questions, but let’s remember that De La Vega has volunteered to do this even though the Streetsblog audience has already shown themselves to be somewhat sceptical that he can reform the LADOT.

Questions should be in by Friday.  If there are more than ten, I’ll pick the “ten best” questions and send them to LADOT on Monday.

  • Anonymous

    What can be done to accelerate the implementation of the City’s landmark bike plan?

  • How do you determine who gets the final say over a street configuration on a residential street that is also used as a through-way? Do the residents who live on the street get a weighted say in the matter or do the people who use the street for work and school commutes get the weighted say? Is it safety first? Or is it traffic flow first?

  • Dirt In Your Fries

    Do you honestly think you’re going to achieve anything in your tenure as DOT head in a department entrenched with an insane 1950’s transportation engineer mindset and a racist upper management?

  • Dirt In Your Fries

    The city needs to revise it’s CEQA guidelines and remove Level Of Service from the list of triggers of an EIR.

    Do you know what I am talking about? Do you care? If you do know and care, how likely is it that LA will get rid of Level of Serice from LA’s CEQA guidelines?

    Also, can we raise money for CicLAvia by running a dunk tank with the “Tiger Team”? I hate those a#$%les. Peak hour parking bans next to parks and in commercial districts SUCK for local business and quality of life (the real, measurable, kind – not the bullshit commute time quality of life engineers like to refer to).

    Good luck buddy.

    Oh, and when will bicycle taxis finally be allowed to ply the streets of LA with sane regulations?

  • Dirt In Your Fries

    We all know it’s traffic flow. That is how the LADOT does it, and how they claim state law ties their hands to do it. If they designed the streets for slower car speeds, they wouldn’t have so many E&TS induced speed increases. It is not a chicken and egg problem – the source of the problem is the DOT’s shitty road configurations.

  • Mr. De La Vega – Would you support an ordinance that says, in effect “The speed limit for any portion of any street that is not less than 50% residential shall not exceed 20 mph. Such maximum speed limit shall be enforced by all available means, including but not limited to the introduction of traffic calming measures to bring such streets in compliance.”

  • Sadams

    How can an effective leader who drives a hummer actually understand and help those that don’t drive at all.  Are you too wrapped up in car culture?  

  • jessica

    How will the DOT use the recently released TIMS data?  It is a tremendous resource that the State of California has provided to all jurisdictions for prioritizing our investments to put safety of our communities first –  safety for of all roadway users, and not just those in cars. 

    It’s driving the City’s development of the Safe Routes to School Strategic plan – can we use it across the board for all transportation planning and decisions?

  • ubrayj02 is a jerk

    When will the city’s E&TS surveys, which require “safety” to be taken into consideration include the publishing of crash and injury data for the stretch of road being studied? Current practice is for the E&TS to state the number of crashes and deaths per million miles of car trips driven on the road in question – a method that downplays the human cost of speed limit increases.

    Do you plan on measuring something other than car volumes on LA streets in a systematic and comprehensive way? We are data blind and shitty anecdote heavy when it comes to public debate about transportation in LA.

  • jessica

    What is the total amount of the City of LA transportation budget? What percentage of that is going towards walking and bicycling projects?

  • Ubrayj02

    I have that answer somewhere in my notes. There is the DOT’s budget, and then there is transportation-programmed dollars though. Two different things, naturally.

  • Could you explain to me how LADOT has both a tow truck driver, towing  to impound yards for the City of Los Angeles as well as a Parking Enforcement officer  ask a citizen who’s car is going to be ticketed and towed without reason if he/she  doesn’t come up with 150.00 cash.?