Today’s Headlines

    Happy Bike to Work Day! Let’s Roll!

  • Metro Committee Recommends 7.7 Mile Route for Wilshire BRT by 5-0.  Zev Votes Yes (The Source)
  • Santa Monica Not Interested in Wilshire BOL (Daily Press)
  • Parking Phone App. Comes to Studio City (Daily News)
  • “Blowback” to Times’ Editorial on High Speed Rail (LAT)
  • Metro Board Defers Vote on Budget Until Next Week (The Source)
  • Happy Bike Day!  Bike Safer. (KCET)
  • Metro Declares Success: Pre Bike Day Bike Ride Attracts Dozens (The Source)
  • Bike-Cam Catches Car Speeding By.  Bike Passes Car on Its Back (Cycleicious via Biking in L.A.)
  • Those “Veronica Moss” Streetfilms Were Amazingly Prophetic (Brooklyn Spoke)

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  • It’s “Bike To Work Day”, and yet the two prominent bike-oriented stories on Streetsblog today are about niche, “outsider” cycling activities: routes for extremely long-distance cyclists, and urban fixed-gear tricksters.

    Nothing wrong with either story per se (and there’s been plenty of “Bike To Work Day” posts here this week), but it does remind me that we still have a very long way to go until the general public thinks of bicycles as utilitarian vehicles that normal people use.

  • Oops, posted too soon… 

  • We got off to a later start today than usual because of the bike to work day ride in the morning…

    There’s so much to write about to try and encompass the bike scene in Greater L.A.  We tried to do as much as we could this week, too bad Critical Mass isn’t until next week.

  • Should have made my statement a bit more precise. Streetsblog itself does a fine job with covering utilitarian cycling… it’s those stories from outside sources that I was using to draw my conclusion.