Today’s Headlines

Wilbur Residents Plead for a Safe Street

  • Wilbur Controversy Should Be About Safety, Not Speed (City Watch)
  • LAPD Figuring Out How to Keep Cars with Unlicensed Drivers (LAT)
  • Gas Prices Still Going Up (Daily News)
  • Expect More Transit Riders (The Source)
  • Being Pedestrian Gets Some GOOD Lovin’
  • Epstein on LAX’s Poor Mass Transit System (HuffPo)
  • Greening Initiative Hopes to Transform 900 Miles of Alleyways in L.A. (LAT)
  • Fresno Pastor Fighting Childhood Obesity with Bicycle Program (Healthy Cal)
  • In Just Over Two Months, I Might Be Represented in Congress (LAT)

More headlines at Streetsblog Capitol Hill

  • Awesome video! Look out Streetfilms!!!

  • Wow, Don really did a nice job putting this together. It takes a lot of time to capture that, edit it, and put it online.

    I hope that your voices are heard at the meeting tonight! I will try to make it out there to see what happens.

    Will Streetsblog cover the event?

  • It sort of sucks, because I really wanted to go to the event at Metro HQ tonight…but I’ll be in Northridge tonight. Carter is covering the event Downtown.

  • Great vid. What is really telling is the sound. As people are talking you here the ubiquitous sound of the cars passing. It is kind of poetic.