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Cartoon, Ted Rall for the ## Angeles Times##
Cartoon, Ted Rall for the ## Angeles Times##
  • An Amazingly Detailed Explanation of Why Expo Is Running Late and Over Cost (LA Weekly)
  • Beverly Hills Might Sue Itself Over Parking Restrictions (Parking Blog)
  • Husband of Beaten Crossing Guard, “She Was Just Doing Her Job” (LAT)
  • Metro to FTA: What If We Only Do Part of the Wilshire BRT? (The Source)
  • Yglesias: Football Stadiums Belong on the Periphery (Think Progress)
  • Meanwhile Magic Johnson Joins Team AEG (Daily News)
  • Over Thirty Percent of SF Households Carfree (SF Streetsblog)
  • Brown Might Discover Its Not Easy Being Green (LAT)
  • Almost One-Quarter of Ca. Drivers Killed in Crashes Last Year Had Drugs in Their System (Calwatch)
  • Kenneth Deffeyes’ New Book, “When Oil Peaked,” Reviewed by LA Times
  • Screw It, Let’s Just Outlaw Walking Altogether (Wil Wright)

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  1. Has anyone crunched numbers on L.A. car-free households? (Am curious to see it overall – but maybe also by neighborhood and/or council district – and see what sort of trends we’re seeting.)

    Also – bump – to Will Wright’s jaywalking modest proposal – read it and laugh and cry!

  2. according to 2009 american community survey data on household size by vehicles available, 30.3 percent of san francisco residents live in car-free households; 12.7 percent of city of Los Angeles Residents live in car free households

    the smallest geography available seems to be congressional district, looking at 35th (waters) and 32nd (solis) didn’t turn up pockets of extra low car ownership, could be worth checking out some more districts

  3. cool – Mark thanks for doing those numbers 13% is a lot of people – it’d be great to see our transportation investments and leadership reflect this – how about 13% of transportation decision makers and advisors are car free? that’d might be a good start ;)

    I vote for a LA City DOT GM to be car free – that’s be awesome! They could use a car share program for when necessary for work travel.

  4. Joe–
    I crunched those numbers as part of a grad school project for team Shoup/Manville, using Census 2000 data. I’ll try to post some of info later, but in the meantime two points: 1) the City of SF is not the REGION of SF. When you look at regional data, things may not be quite so rosy. 2) Many households without vehicles are not carfree by choice, they’re carfree because they’re too poor to afford private transportation. Is this a good or a bad thing? Tricky question.

  5. As promised, some statistics. Granted, these are pretty dated at this point (2000 Census), but it’s the best I have to work with. I included NY and Phoenix as well.

    Percent of no-vehicle households, by region
    LA: 12.3
    SF: 14.4
    NY: 31.3
    Pnx: 7.3

    So you can see that once you include more than just the city center, San Francisco isn’t quite so car independent. Even more telling are vehicles per person.

    Vehicles per person, by region
    LA: 0.54
    SF: 0.59
    NY: 0.43
    Pnx: 0.63

    Even though there are more car-free households in San Francisco, the households that DO own cars seem to own quite a few.

    Unfortunately there’s no way for me to post the lovely maps I made of all this data (also I think they’re eventually going to be published and I don’t want to steal anyone’s glory), but I can say that for LA they look just like you’d expect: low vehicle ownership rates in the center of LA, higher rates as you move away from the central/poorer neighborhoods.

  6. The increase between 2004 and 2005 is remarkable, when there were 11,137 more occupied households without a car in 2005. I wonder if it correlates with gas prices or some other factor. Does anyone familiar with the data source know if it’s possible to get a download of the raw data to run cross-tabs?

    2004 12.4%
    2005 13.3%
    2006 12.6%
    2007 12.8%
    2008 12.6%
    2009 12.7%

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