Your One Stop CicLAvia Activity Planner

Well, it’s finally here.  Sunday is CicLAvia!  Most people that read Streetsblog regularly already know how to have fun in the streets, as evidenced above. That makes it contingent on us to welcome anyone who appears to be playing in the street for the first time.

Joe Linton helpfully provides some links to activities happening around the CicLAvia area and beyond on Sunday.  Just click on the link…:

Screen shot 2010-10-08 at 9.56.50 AMWhere to eat at CicLAvia –
What to do at CicLAvia –
Damien at Park(ing) Day in 2009
Damien at Park(ing) Day in 2009
  • BikeRoWave (Mar Vista): Meet at 8am in front of BikeRoWave, at 12255 Venice Boulevard, before heading east at 8:30am. Details at L.A. Streetsblog.
  • Burbank: Depart at 830am from Chandler Blvd and Keystone Street. Ride bike path to North Hollywood, and take the Metro Red Line to CicLAvia.
  • CrankMob Park (Culver City): Meet at 9:30am, ride at 10am – at CrankMob Park aka Media Park in Culver City, located at Venice Boulevard and Canfield Avenue – across from Trader Joe’s. Event info at Midnight Ridazz.
  • I Martin Bike Shop (near Beverly Center): Meet at 8:30am at I Martin, at 8330 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles 90036. 8:30 – Free bike safety check, 9am – basic road riding workshop, and ride departs at 9:30am. Details at Facebook event page.
  • Northeast L.A. (Bike Oven): Meet at Avenue 37 and Figueroa Street outside the Bike Oven / Flying Pigeon. Gather 9am, depart 9:30am. Event info at Midnight Ridazz.
  • Occidental College (Eagle Rock): 10am at FEAST Garden on Campus Road at Coons Road. See UEPI event page.
  • San Gabriel Valley: Meet at Walgreens at Main Street at Fremont Avenue in Alhambra – meet 8:30am, departs 9am – details at Facebook event page
  • UCLA: Meet at Ackerman Bus Terminal, meet 10am, departs 10:30am – contact ngaber [at] if you’d like to join.
  • A few more volunteers still needed – especially “Route Angels” – folks with basic bike repair skills to ride along specific parts of the route and help out

    • travis

      very helpful. thanks!

    • graciela.

      Aw man, dodge ball and the rally are at the same time.

    • Chris L

      Only 2 comments here so far? Everyone must still be down there!

    • Spokker

      So how did everything turn out? Were people well-behaved? Were there any conflicts between pedestrians and cyclists? How did the crossings for automobiles work?

    • M

      I had an awesome time! I didn’t see anything weird happen during our bike ride and everyone I interacted with seemed to be having a great time. The cars crossed when the lights and traffic officers allowed them – it was much less crazy than normal street biking. Overall it was some awesome, nearly stress-free biking and I was happy to see a variety of people and things going on!

      Here are my cell phone pics:

    • Joseph E

      Wow, it was packed! I think our streets were busier than those in Bogota on the videos. We need to do this every month, and expand the length of the route to provide more space. There was an amazing amount of demand for room to ride bike and walk.

      Walking down the streets, we saw multiple people walk up or drive up to the route and ask questions about what was going on. Several called up friends on their phones and said “get your bikes” or walk and “come on down, you won’t believe this”

      The folks counting bikes on 6th, just north-west of Westlake park, told me they had counted 700 bikes passing in 15 minutes from 12:30 to 12:45 pm.

      Photos on 7th street:

    • Erik G.

      My sincere compliments to LA Metro for running single-car service on the Gold Line on CicLAvia Sunday AM. Not that there is any bicycle space on the Light Rail cars to start with.

      Get a Brain, Morans!