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7_28_10_blood_in.jpgMad As Hell: Protesting Judge Fox’s slap on the wrist hit and run sentencing in Beverly Hills at last night’s Blood In. Photo: Barleye/Midnight Ridazz
  • Leahy: Bus Service Has Expanded in the Last 25 Years (The Source)
  • Prepare for a Disappointing Energy Bill (DC Streetsblog)
  • Reid’s Paltry Energy Bill Includes Billions in Automotive Subsidies, Zero for Transit (TNR)
  • Ballot Measure Pits Transit and Development Advocates Against Everyone Else (Chronicle)
  • Villaraigosa Wants Bike Summit, Talks About His Crash (YouTube via LAist)
  • They Skipped the Paving, and Just Turned Paradise Into a Parking Lot (Brayj Against the Machine)
  • Sharrows Appear on Abbot Kinney (LADOT Bike Blog)
  • Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for High Speed Rail (CAHSR)
  • Just a Reminder: L.A. Used to Have a Lot More Smog (Curbed)
  • Save the Date: 8/13 Rally for 30/10 (The Source)



Just How Bad Is the Final House Transportation Bill?

Nobody was expecting the GOP-controlled House of Representatives to put together a transportation bill that did much for streets and transit in American cities. And they were right — there’s nothing to get excited about in the bill. But neither is it the total disaster for walking, biking, and transit it could have been. So how does the House bill […]

What If Climate Hawks Fought Dirty Highways Like They Fight Dirty Energy?

This Nebraska farm was in the path of #kxl pipeline. And now it’s ready for 100% Clean Energy! — Bill McKibben (@billmckibben) May 11, 2016 American climate activists’ single biggest achievement in recent years was the defeat of the Keystone XL pipeline. Nothing has unified and energized more people than the fight to keep dirty fossil […]

Barbara Boxer’s Transportation Bill: Same As It Ever Was

The future of national transportation policy is pretty much like the present of national transportation policy, if the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee has its way: underfunded and highway-centric. The bill released by Senator Barbara Boxer’s EPW Committee yesterday [PDF] rejects pretty much everything the Obama administration put forth in its bill, including permanent […]