The Bike to Work Day Photoblog (edited 8:15 P.M.)

A Classic Sesame Street Bike Song

Bike to Work Day got off to an early start this morning when preparing for the morning trip, Sesame Street seemed in on the day.  Just about every segment was bike related.  I wanted to post a little of it for you, but it’s not online yet.  Instead, I found this classic "Ride a Bike!" film that’s above.

After the jump you can read about "Damien and Sammy’s Bike to Work" six mile round trip.  And bookmark this link for more Bike to Work Day pictures from around L.A. County as they come in!

Santa Monica

5_20_10_water_garden.jpgOne of the great things about Bike to Work Day is the impromptu pit stops you’ll run into. Here, the Water Garden in Santa Monica was handing out breakfast coupons. The Water Garden didn’t decide to run a "pit stop" until last night.
5_20_10_sammy.jpgAnd here we are at Helen’s. They had fruit juice, water bottles, Metro Bike Stuff, and promotional flyer for the River Ride. Sammy slept through both pit stops.

 Los Angeles

5_20_10_1_metro.jpg Metro booth inside union station
with snacks, coffee, and curious
commuters asking questions. Photo: Helkimchee/Flickr

5_20_10_1_lacbc.jpgLACBC pitstop with awesome gift bags, clif bar goodies and friendly folks.  Photo: Helkimchee/Flickr


Carlos Moralies hands out a t-shirt to a lucky winner. The Eastside Bike Club had clif goodies, beverages, bike checkup station, metro info, and
lots of friendly smiles.  Photo: Helkimchee/Flickr

El Monte

Alice Strong reports:

El Monte provided fresh fruit, water, new metro maps, Clif bars,
patch kits, goodie bags and free tune-ups courtesy of RB Bicycles for
all the commuting cyclists on Bike to Work Day. Lino of RB estimated
about fifteen riders took advantage of the tune ups. I jumped at the
chance for a free lube and adjust on my Raleigh.

El_Monte_2.jpgThe City of El Monte transit was set up at the Metrolink Station at Photo: Alice Strong


Carlos looks on as RB Bicycle wrench Jose adjusts his back wheel.


For a write-up of Bike to Work Day in Claremont, visit The Claremont Cyclist.

6_claremont1.jpgPhoto: The Claremont Cyclist
6_claremont2.jpgPhoto: The Claremont Cyclist


  • Peter

    Last year, I stopped at the ones in Long Beach and the one at The Aerospace Company. Unfortunately, I missed the one at the LAX Green Line Station because they closed by the time I got there.

    This year, because I ended up leaving late, I just stopped at the LAX Green Line Station. Clif Bars and Gatorade (where we asked that immortal question, “What flavor is ‘blue’?”). They also had some Metro tchotchkes (Flyaway bus rubber stress toy? Are they trying to tell us something?), as well as maps and promotions for the LA River Ride (I wish they would move that to after Apple’s WWDC–I’ve missed it the last two years).

    But at least I got my sticker.

  • Erik G.

    That clip is now no longer shown on the current Sesame Street for a number of reasons, but chief among them was that the children are NOT WEARING HELMETS!


  • Carter Rubin

    Claremont FTW!

    That’s right outside the Metrolink station, and I believe, what will be the future Gold Line Foothill Extension station.

  • Evan

    I stopped by Helen’s in Santa Monica at around 7:30, even though I live east of it and work at UCLA. Didn’t think to take ictures. There were 5 other people there when I rode up, including a bicycling family.

  • Zmapper

    Riding bikes without helmets! Riding double on a bike! Where do they think they are, the Netherlands? And now I have that song stuck in my head.

  • Awesome! I made the LA Streetsblog! That’s me getting the shirt from Carlos.