Riders Head to City Hall – Live Tweeting the Chief Beck Town Hall with Cyclists

About forty cyclists took part in the rally and bike ride to city hall in support of Ed Magos, the cyclist maimed in a hit and run Downtown by a Porsche Cayene last month. After a brief rally, the group headed down to City Hall to take part in the City Council Transportation Committee featuring a "Town Hall" format with LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.

After the cyclists took off, I had a chance to talk with Katie Magos about how her husband and family are holding up as Ed recovers.  Our brief chat can be seen above.  As soon as YouTube processes the video, we’ll also provide a video of LACBC’s rally speech to cyclists before they headed downtown and can view our small Flickr set from the rally, here.

As for Streetsblog’s coverage of the meeting, I’m live tweeting the meeting at http://twitter.com/lastreetsblog and we’ll have full coverage tomorrow.  Or, if you’re able, you can view video of the meeting at the City Clerk’s website.

  • That was pretty cool of her to come out and offer a few words–seeing that her husband was at work and still not feeling well enough to bike.


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