Metrolink Moves Forward with Some Service Cuts

The Southern California Transit Advocate's Ken Ruben reports from today's Metrolink Board meeting that the agency is moving forward with some of the proposed service cuts that the agency first proposed in the fall of 2009.  As you may remember, debate raged and eventually the Board asked staff to look at other options, which of course included a rate hike.  The Metrolink Board voted for these cuts instead of a fare hike.

Via Dana Gabbard:

Ken Ruben attended the Metrolink Board meeting today and informs me the weekend reductions to the Orange County and IEOC services plus eliminating mid-day IEOC weekday service (items 3A and 3B) was approved along with an accounting move regarding employees (item 5). The changes will take place in early Feb., date not specified. (see p.25, the 34th page of the packet)

(An earlier version of this post implied that fare increases were still on the way.  Ruben reports below that there will be no fare hikes in the current fiscal year.)