More Sharrows Appear, This Time in Glendale

12_8_09_sharrows_glendale.jpgMore to come.  Photo: Colin Bogart/LACBC

Hermosa Beach and N.E.L.A. aren’t the only parts of Los Angeles County to recently see Sharrows installed on their streets.  Don’t worry Glendale residents, these Sharrows were put down by the city so they won’t be removed within two months.

Colin Bogart, the Safe and Healthy Streets Coordinator for the LACBC in Glendale, explains the placement:

The Sharrows are being painted up and down Grandview between Glenoaks
Blvd. (where bike lanes were painted a year ago) and Brand Park. What you are
looking at is the intersection of Grandview and Kenneth Road. Kenneth is a very
popular street for cyclists in the area. So is Grandview. Both streets are
proposed Class III routes in Glendale’s bike plan. Kenneth is already a
Class III route in Burbank, not too far northwest from this intersection. It’s
my hope and desire that this is just the first of many Class III “be-Sharrowed”
streets in Glendale.

A ride to celebrate the "be-Sharrowing" of Glendale is in the works.  Streetsblog will post details when it is scheduled.  Meanwhile, in the City of Los Angeles, cyclists are awaiting with something less than baited breath the announcement from LADOT later this afternoon that we still don’t have a timeline to place Sharrows on our city streets.