Welcome to the Blogroll: Steve Hymon, Fred “Camino” and The Source


When Metro first announced it was going to open its own blog, the first questions everyone had were "who will be writing it," and "will they be independent or just Metro public relations officers." Given the choice of the writers they selected, the same two writers I would have picked if i were them, I think we have our answer. From the press release:

With contributors like Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Steve Hymon and car-less in L.A. blogger Frederick Dennstedt a.k.a. Fred Camino, The Source is updated throughout the day with key developments and unique viewpoints that will help the public keep tabs on what’s being done to keep L.A. County moving and how taxpayers’ transit sales tax dollars are being spent. The Source will showcase a steady stream of real time news about Metro and critical transportation issues as well as feature stories packaged with video, photos and other compelling visuals.

Woah! Camino and Hymon in one blog? Good work whoever in H.R. made that decision.

Mixed in with their writing will be some Metro press releases, a morning headlines section that is currently housed at The Metro Library as well as the contributions of the former Metro Rider and Bottleneck Blogger.

So far, Hymon has a couple of pieces up that qualify as "hard news" writing. His first looks at that letter from 14 Congress People asking for more projects to be sent to the federal government for funding and a F.A.Q on the Long Range Transportation Plan.

My only criticism thus far is that there’s no comments section. C’mon guys, two-way communication is all the fad these days!

  • That’s awesome!

    Congratulations, Steve and Fred.

  • And in typical Metro fashion, comments are not available. LOL!

  • Metro’s got the right people but lack of comment section is disappointing.

  • Erik G.

    I expect many guest postings from, amongst others, Browne and Randall!!


  • Erik G.

    And will Fred be getting another TAP card that goes “tilt” and gets him arrested by an over-zealous fare inspector?

  • They talked about how shitty TAP is in the most recent post. I don’t think this is blog is a bunch of marketing bullcrap.

    That being said, I wish I could troll it!

  • FixHighways

    “Isn’t Ironic, That Commenter #2 is commenting on Metro’s non ability to leave comments when you that commenter doesn’t allow comments on his own ‘blog’.

    Isn’t ironic, don’t you think?

    it’s like Rainnnnnnnn on your wedding day….”

  • Since you can’t leave comments at The Source please leave your comments at http://fixexpo.blogspot.com/

  • Hmmmmmm… for me it’s kind of like a sad, non-celebratory, less visually appealing, more corporate, less interactive version of… L.A. Streetsblog.

    It seems a bit like 1990’s internet… In the half-dozen articles I could get myself through, it was all text, no pictures. Why? Certainly Metro and the Metro library has loads of visuals. Why not post an image now an then… such as a map of the subway station or the gold line route that one is writing about?

  • Eric,

    “I expect many guest postings from, amongst others, Browne and Randall!!”

    Ha-ha…I’m sure that was a joke, but for those of you who don’t know Ran and I writing for Metro will happen when pigs fly, hell freezes over and monkeys fly out of my butt. I doubt they will ask me, but this is so unethical in my opinion.

    This is up in my top three of my pet peeves, marketing blogs masquerading as editorial.

    That’s a METRO PR site disguised as a blog. The Source?!! The source for spin.

    That blog should have METRO prominently displayed on the front instead of acting like its some kind of random editorial blog. They are Metro employees I feel it is unethical.

    I can’t believe Hymon would dare mention his LA Times roots in one of first posts. He has no shame, but he did always phone it in so at least maybe he’ll get paid a little bit more this time for phoning in.