Reseda Boulevard Bike Lanes: One Mile Done, Four to Go

10_5_09_linton.jpgOne down…Photo: Joe Linton

Yesterday, the city of L.A. Department of Transportation (LADOT) made
good on their pledge to stripe the first new mile of Reseda Boulevard
bike lanes. The lanes were approved in 1996, but languished for various reasons detailed earlier, until bicyclists and community members rallied. It’s one mile of a five mile gap closure.

LADOT pledged September implementation of a mile of new bike lanes from Devonshire Street to San Fernando Mission Road. Two weeks ago the upper half was done;
yesterday the lower half completed the mile. The new lanes actually
extend a bit a above San Fernando Mission Road nearly to the 118
Freeway, and a block below Devonshire to Lemarsh Street.

  • Wow.

    Good to see this done, but it seems like it took an awful lot of fighting and public anger, etc. just to lay down some paint next to speeding cars.

    Let’s hope the next couple of miles get painted with less of a fight.

  • Proof of the need for editors: a much longer first-person account of the striping of the Reseda Blvd bike lanes appears at the L.A. Eco-Village blog here:

  • Rhode Bloche

    Actually it wasn’t all that difficult. It just the community to get off it’s ass, show up and rally the neighbors about how bike lanes prevent sneaky LADOT officials from creeping in peak hours lanes…. Next street? Let’s do it again! Where’s the next repavement project!?