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  • DC Metro Crash Highlights Decrepit State of Big American Transit Systems (NYT)
  • Metro Uses Same Control System, and Similar Cars, as DC Metro (Times)
  • LAUSD Continues to Oppose Expo Line (LA Now)
  • Orange Line Extension Breaks Ground (Daily News)
  • Bzcat’s Guide to Novice Transit Users (Irwin’s Random Thoughts)
  • There’s More: In Tucson, Cyclists Get Tickets When They’re Struck By Cars (TBL via
  • What Happens When You Try to Reason With a Bike Lane Blocking FedEx Driver (Cyclosity)
  • Doesn’t it seem that the San Fernando Valley is less engaged in this than the San Gabriel Valley. The Daily News is thrilled about the Orange Line extension, and it’s certainly a good thing.

    However, the San Gabriel Valley stakeholders are likely to get two Gold Line extensions, improved Metrolink Service and this new Silver line busway thing.

    I’m just curious why the SFV isn’t demanding it’s piece of the pie. Is that its residents are still too hooked to the car culture to see any other possibilities?

    I think it might be because of too large legislative districts at the state, county and city level where people who are representing the south San Fernando Valley, where the highest demand and ridership in the Valley are, are also representing the Westside, and are more focused on those projects. As a resident of the Westside, I sort of indirectly benefit from the San Fernando Valley’s lack of collective activism on this.

    I did live in the SFV for six years, so I have an interest in this. I cannot imagine the stakeholders in the San Gabriel Valley being thrilled about or settling for a new busway to Montclair.

    Whether one considers Arroyo Grande (Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena) as part of the San Fernando Valley or not, hey I have to hand it to the Glendale representative on the Authority who voted for Measure R even though it had not direct rail projects that benefited his area.



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Metro Goes Off the Rails, and DC Streets Grind to a Halt

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Today’s Headlines

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