Riding Car-Free with LACBC


The Los Angeles County Bike Coalition’s newest campaign, Car-Free Fridays, launched this morning at 8:00 A.M. at the Hollywood and Western Red Line Station.  After interviews with the press and a short wait for stragglers, City Council President Eric Garcetti and the Bike Coalition led a group of sixty cyclists to city hall to show that biking is both a viable, safe, easy and fun way of commuting at around 8:40 A.M.

“Riding your
bike on CarFree Fridays is a great way to reduce your impact on the
environment and get a work out at the same time,” said Council President
Eric Garcetti. 

The ride ended at City Hall just before 9:30.  By then the group had shrunk, as many riders peeled off to commute to work but the remaining 40 riders posed with Garcetti in front of the City Hall’s east entrance for visitors.

The bike coalition says there are many benefits to riding a bike a couple of times a week. 

Riding a bicycle for just 10 miles a week can save at least $520 a year, shed
calories, work to reduce California’s
emissions from cars and light trucks which are the largest single source of
greenhouse gas emissions in California.
It helps reduce traffic congestion which costs the regional economy $9.3
billion annually.

For anyone reading this blog for the first time, I’ll offer a simpler argument.  Which of the pictures below looks like a better and more fun way of commuting?  Both pictures were taken this morning.


  • that was fun! see you next month!

  • Super cool, I wish I could have made it out for that.

  • You know what would be nice if they could some how include public transit into this promo. Bus and train is also car free. And Garcetti needs to take a look at the disgusting bus stop right outside of his office on Western and Hollywood.

    Yeah the bus riders aren’t nearly as “pretty” but public transit riders are more likely to be car free than bike riders who often have access to cars and shouldn’t public transit riders actions be included if this is a real action and not some pr stunt to get a higher profile among the right type of people.

    I know it’s the bicycle coalition, but it would be nice to be inclusive, public transit advocates manage to be.


  • The LACBC has found a great tool to promote cycling, I hope this idea only grows and get stronger. Instead of “Casual Friday” at the corporate office, why not “Bike Friday”? With a little help, a lot of people can give this bike to work thing a try – and it won’t be on a once a year MTA P.R. blitz.