City Planning to Use Old Parking Meters for Bike Parking


Back at the start of the month, I asked readers for more story ideas and reader KG noticed that bike parking in the city was growing more scarce as parking meters were being removed for the new computerized parking plan.  So, we asked the LADOT if they what they were planning to do to make sure cyclists still had a safe, convenient safe to park.

It turns out the LADOT was a step ahead of us.  LADOT representative Michelle Mowery tells us that the leadreship in the LADOT is already behind a plan to convert fomer parking meters to bike parking as pictured above.  How long until we start to see this conversion of old meters could be as soon as the end of February.  If someone sees them on the street before I do, drop me a line and a picture and there’s a Streetfilms t-shirt in it for you.

  • That’s great news!

  • kg

    This is such great news. Disappearing bike parking is especially a problem near UCLA where bicycle commuting is on the rise.

  • mdogg

    pretty cool.

  • twodogkd

    Great idea.

    I was in Toronto recently and they had similar shaped bicycle parking, I believe it was a ring on a pole.

    I am posting your idea on Inland Empire Craigslist, in the Politics forum, and will try to submit your idea to our City officials.

    Looks great.

    Nice job!

  • The June 2008 issue of the East Bay Bicycle Coalition’s newsletter rideOn (p.4) includes an image of the Bike Circle as installed throughout downtown Sacramento. You can read the short article and find added references to meter pole retofits at

  • velocipedus

    The Sacramento Bee reports about this conversion here : The design seems identical.

    Is there not space for some design individuality in Los Angeles? Do we copy, or can we improve? Perhaps we can do better than the Sacramento design? Did they have critical feedback there?

    Perhaps LA bicycle parking could express something entirely LA: what about locking your bike to the design of a car, turned upside down, like a beetle in distress?

    New York has a international competition to settle on a new bicycle parking design, with the stated aim to express the image of New York in the bicycle parking devices. Los Angeles copies Sacramento. There is plenty of work waiting for us out there!

  • Manu

    Maybe the circle can be angle wings with the bicycle in the middle.

  • Manu

    Maybe the circle can be angel wings with the bicycle in the middle.