“Creek Freak” Previews Upcoming Add-Ons to LA River Bike Trail

Riders Head North on Current Segment of LA River Bike Trail

Riders on the L.A. River Bike Path have probably noticed it’s not the most continuous path in the world.  During the 50-mile River Ride last Spring, I probably spent about 40% of the ride on the streets of Los Angeles because the trail doesn’t yet connect all the way through.  But going with the theme recently, change is in the air.

L.A. Creek Freak, a labor of love by Joe Linton, has details and route information on how some of those gaps are going to be filled in, with construction starting in 2009.  In addition to maps, Linton provides descriptions of the nearly five miles of bike trails that will be added in the next couple of years.


The city of Los Angeles has planned a 2-mile segment of the Los Angeles River bikeway from Mason Avenue to VanAlden Avenue
in the west San Fernando Valley. The bikeway will be on the south bank
of the river and will include grade-separated underpasses at Vanowen
Street, Winnetka Avenue, Corbin Avenue, and Tampa Avenue. This bikeway
project is being done in conjunction with bridge retrofit projects at
Tampa, Winnetka, and Vanowen.

The initial phase will include just the Tampa Avenue Bridge. The approximately 0.8-miles bikeway will extend from Corbin Avenue to Vanalden Avenue adjacent to the Westfield Promenade mall.
Construction is scheduled to begin in April 2009, and won’t be done
before late 2011. The construction is estimated to take 20 months, but
is not permitted to proceed inside the river channel during the wet
weather season…

…Officially, this 2.7-mile bike path is called Phase 1C of the Los Angeles River bikeway. It extends from Fletcher Drive to Barclay Street
That’s from just above the 2 Freeway to nearly the 110 Freeway. The
stretch currently has an unimproved access road used unofficially by
bicyclists and pedestrians every day, though the surface is uneven and
there are about a half-dozen large dips where street ends drain
directly into the river.  The old asphalt road is also damaged from the
roots of adjacent cottonwood trees.

The project will extend the existing 4.5-mile Glendale Narrows
bikeway to an uninterrupted total of 7.1 miles.  It will include an
undercrossing at Fletcher Drive, resurfacing, and lighting.

For more information on the upcoming additions check out L.A. Creek Freak.

Photo: Atwater Village Newbie/Flickr

  • Joe

    Thanks for drawing attention to the L.A. Creek Freak blog and to these river bikeway projects that I think are important! One small correction: construction on each bikeway is planned to begin next year 2009 (not 2010.) Both the Reseda and Frogtown projects are anticipated to be completed in 2011.

    Also, the blog is not just a labor of love by myself, but I have to acknowledge my excellent co-creek-freak blogger Jessica Hall. Our blog covers issues related to rivers, creeks, streams, water and the environment in Los Angeles. We’re both bicyclists – and Jessica has blogged about the Ballona Creek bikeway issues. When we were looking at how to structure our blog, I brought up Streetsblog as an example of how L.A. Creek Freak might work.