LADOT Ready for Late Night DASH Service


LADOT has officially joined in the effort to bring late night transit service to downtown Los Angeles.  A new report by the Department encourages the City Council to fund their proposal to run late night bus service along two routes in the Downtown.

However, while their is support for the bus routes, the proposal won’t move forward without private funding.  The cost of running the late night service will be $180,000 for 2009, and while LADOT will provide the buses for the service they are asking private business, who just coughed up over $50,000 for Metro’s late night train service pilot program, to  cover the cost of transit services that will benefit their businesses.  If only they would take the same stand with the Dodgers.

Blogdowntown has some information on routing and cost:

The added route travels east on 7th street, north on Main to 1st
street, south on Broadway to 9th and then loops back up to 8th street
before heading west to join up with the original line at the 7th/Metro
Red Line station.

  • When, oh when, will the LADOT be ready to license pedicabs in L.A.? It is a zero-cost solution to short trips late at night.

    Sorry to hijack things, but I’m wondering what stops the LADOT from approving pedicab licenses? Their pedicab permit approval process is like applying for a variance to sell alcohol, lap dances, and guns next to a preschool.

    They’re busy throwing money around, giving the Dodgers free customers delivered to their doors, and a zero-cost solution to local transit is laughed out of their offices. It just ain’t right.

    Let the rickshaws soar!

  • Go rickshaws!! We should totally put pressure to reform pedicap restrictions, especially for low car traffic periods since it’s the obstruction of cars that is their main concern. The friday night skate crew rollerblades in mass on the streets at night in downtown on their occasional field trips from Santa Monica, precisely because there is little competing car traffic.