Bike Day Saturday: LACBC’s Paleta Bicicleta


(It's certainly no surprise to anyone that reads this blog, or that lives in Southern California, that this area is hardly known as a haven for bicyclists.  But, that doesn't stop creative and dedicated cyclists from devising their own ways to make Los Angeles a bike town of our own.  This week we'll profile four unique bike events that will be happening on one day this Saturday, October 25.  For those that know where to look, every weekend is full of rides and events.)

This Saturday the Los Angeles County Bike Coalition sponsors a short family ride that will explore the county's ice cream culture.  Riders should congregate at 10:30 A.M. at Maywood Riverfront Park and replaces LACBC's "Bicycle Sundae."  The four mile ride will be slow paced to encourage some of the younger riders to stay in the pack.

To read LACBC's press release for the event, read on after the jump.  Oh, and for anyone curious about news of LACBC's other bike ride, the 2009 River Ride will take place on June 7.

Join Los Angeles bicyclists and foodies on a short two-wheel tour of Maywood’s finer Paleteria’s and glance at parks and bikeways past, present, and future in Maywood, and other southeast Los Angeles County Cities.  Registration begins at Maywood Riverfront Park at 10:30am Saturday October 25th, “Paleta Bicicleta” takes over from the LACBC’S annual “Bicycle Sundae” in exploring the county, and sampling LA’s finest and unique icy treats.  There will be more than 40 flavors to choose from.

When asked about the decision to bring the ride to Maywood, Councilwoman Ana Rosa Rizo remarked "We are happy to support a healthy environment through family-friendly events like this one. Bike safety is very important to us and we encourage more people to ride their bicycles as a way of making our community more sustainable.  It is exciting to have the opportunity to showcase the delicious paleta shops that sweeten the lives of so many residents in our community. Enjoy!" 

Matheson Tri-Gas is sponsoring the event.  Participating shops include Que Delicious and Paleteria Limon.  This ride is perfect for younger and inexperienced riders.  For the more experienced rider the LACBC has suggestions to extend the mileage. 

Registration is free for kids 16 and younger and just $5 for adults 17 and older, that includes two full servings of paleta, route map, and bike support. Participants can register the day of, October 25th, at 10:30am onsite, at Maywood Riverfront Park. The tour leaves at 11 am.  Parking is available at the park.  Maywood Riverfront Park is located at Slauson and Alamo very convenient to the 710 fwy.  For the stalwarts, a fun bike trip can be made by biking down Randolph from the MTA Blue Line Slauson or up the LA River bike path. 

Ride will cover approximately 4 miles. 

Ride level: very easy with rest and ice creams breaks. 

For more information and for suggestions for a longer ride, the LACBC has two great suggestions for a longer path.  Please go to or call 213-629-2142

Bring your taste buds along with lots of water!

Paleta Bicicleta is one of a series of bicycle rides by the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition that promotes the pleasures of bicycle riding in Los Angeles.