Mark Your Calendars: October 25 Will Be First Tour de Ballona


After Streetsblog reported on a cyclist being attacked on the Ballona Creek Bicycle Trail, trail users contacted me asking, "what can we do?"  In response, a Livable Streets Discussion Forum was formed and we decided the best way to make the trail safer was to increase the number of people who use it.  Thus, the first of what will hopefully be a series of "Tour de Ballona" rides was scheduled for October 25 at 11:00 A.M.  The start point is at the Culver Drive/Sawtelle Boulevard Entrance and the end point will be at the bridge that crosses into Playa del Rey.

As we get closer and closer to the date, more co-sponsors and details will come out about the ride.  Be sure to check back here regularly or we’ll just see you on the trail!

Image by Joseph Pritchard.

  • Who made the poster?! So cute!

  • YES. I support this and assuming I don’t take any crazy birthday trips, I’ll be there.

  • This trail is really easy – less than 4 miles. I also made a map.

  • we’ll be there!

  • Of course, Siel. I added it above, but in case anyone has the comments RSS’d and won’t see it unless I type it here, the artist is Joe Pritchard, and his website can be found here:

    Thanks for the great poster, Joe!

  • Hanna Grace Connor

    I was reading StreetsBlog Los Angeles today and read that there has been some nefarious activity on the Ballona Creek Bike Trail. In order to raise awareness and make the trail safer. As usual, I was bored at work today. And that means a google map. The google estimate of distance is 3.82 miles. With my dance teaching degree friends, this is super duper fun. It will take less than an hour even for the neophytes out there. I encourage you to go (and if you’re feeling spunky make a side trip to Venice – riding through the Marina is really cool).

  • Cathy Walker

    With news of more attacks along the Ballona Creek Bike trail last month( that was during our graphic design courses Sydney exhibit), it is more urgent than ever to get more people to use the trail and create a more safe environment.  An increased safety presence from the city, especially the LAPD Pacific Division, appear to be in the works.  But in the meantime, it’s up to all of us to help make the trail as safe as possible.

  • Dhayl Strikes

    Tour de Ballona. Hmmmm sounds great. Be soon joining your next tour…but I need to fix my schedule first before heating things up……I hate the feeling of like being burn by deadlines. :)