Today’s Headlines

  • UCLA Students Like Subway to the Sea (Bottleneck Blog via Daily Bruin)
  • City Looks at Bike Sharing (LAist)
  • Times: Yes on High Speed Rail
  • Pickup Truck Rams Glue Truck on I-10 (KNBC)
  • The Wrong Reasons to Support the Bailout (Cap’n Transit)
  • Cubs Ace Ryan Dempster Walks to Work (WaPo)
  • Text Sent 22 Seconds Before Metrolink Crash (Times)


FHWA: CA Will See Over Double Truck Traffic in 30 Years

In 2005, the Tri-State Transportation Campaign released a report showing that heavy truck traffic in New Jersey would grow by 80% by 2020. The report’s numbers were based on FHWA projections based on figures from 1998. Since 2005, the FHWA has updated their projections, so I’m not reporting projections based on figures from a decade […]

Something Scary for Halloween

Photo courtesy of LA Times Another day, another truck disaster on LA’s Highways. The horror story here isn’t that there was an accident yesterday, nor that a decent person died in a senseless accident. It’s that truck traffic is going to double in CA in the coming decades. The more trucks we have, the more […]

LADOT Call for Projects Review: Freight Movement

(This is Part 3 of our Call for Projects review.  Part 1 explained why this series is important.  Part 2 looked at the car capacity enhancement proposals.  Part 4 tomorrow.) We don’t talk a lot about freight movement on Streetsblog, and we probably should.  After all, the number of trucks on our roads are used […]