KTLA: Should SoCal Spend Money on Bike Lanes

KTLA.com has a poll up asking whether Southern California should be spending public funds to build more bike lanes.  Surprisingly, almost a third of respondents have "voted" against putting money into a better bike network.  Just in case you were wondering, the poll is still live and can be found here

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5 thoughts on KTLA: Should SoCal Spend Money on Bike Lanes

  1. bike lanes are a non-solution?!?!? Really? I rode on a “bike route” yesterday and a bike lane would have really helped, as I almost was run over by a motorist unaware of cyclists AGAIN. I have no argument against buses, but don’t you think alternative transportation people should all be working together instead of fighting for the same pot of money? Why not reduce money for cars and increase money for alternative transportation. But to say bike lanes are a non-solution is ridiculous, providing more safety to people are not polluting at all (environmentally, noise-wise, traffic-wise) is irresponsible. Bikes contribute to better communities and a better city and region. Perhaps more people would bike if they felt safer. Just a thought.

  2. Looking at the other KTLA poll results, I’m not surprised. 77.1% of their “pollees” also support off-shore oil drilling.

  3. fpteditors,

    In Portland, Alta Planning performed a 10 year study that showed that a modest investment in an integrated transportation infrastructure for bikes (bike lanes, traffic calming) increased bicycle use considerably.

    People, and goods, get moved cheaply and efficeintly using bicycles. To ignore this devices benefits is folly.

    How will we keep up growth and consumerism without a fair means of moving labor to jobs and goods to market? Without cheap energy, which our economy is desperately attached to, we are really screwed. Bicycles are a means out of the hole we’ve dug for ourselves.

    Wake the heck up homeboy/girl!

  4. To someone named “fpteditors”:
    you want “Free buses?!” Yeah, right! – unless you want to have a pleasurable ride with countless homeless folks, who emit a wonderful smell!
    Or – do you really think buses will lure people out of their cars? NEVER. EVER. Buses will never replace cars. But subway or light-rail will. Check the statistics. Travel around the world, and you’ll see for yourself.
    Only Rail transit will truly draw people out of their cars.

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